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Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Costa Rica Weight Loss Surgeon

This video shows a renowned bariatric surgeon from Costa Rica discussing about post gastric sleeve surgery diet and instructions. Following is the video narration. “I tell to all of my patients that the bariatric surgery is not a …..This is a tool. That is not the one you can use for change. It is a […]

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Good Candidate for Gastric Banding – Mexico Plastic Surgeon

In this video a renowned plastic surgeon from Mexico explains that who is a good candidate for gastric banding.     Video narration “Lap Band procedure is a surgery that we recommend in persons above 30 BMI with diseases like diabetes, blood hypertension or any other disease related to obesity and it’s a procedure that, […]

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Revision Weight Loss Surgery – Costa Rica Surgeon

In this video, a leading surgeon from Costa Rica talks about revision weight loss surgery for patients who’ve had prior bariatric surgery but couldn’t achieve the desired results or developed complications. This procedure is recommended for patients who regain over 40% of the weight even after the previous surgery. Narration – “We have several very good […]

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Choosing Gastric Bypass Procedure (GBP) – Jordan Bariatric Surgeon

This video shows a renowned bariatric surgeon from Jordan discussing how gastric bypass procedure is decided for an individual. Following is the video narration. “How to chose between different procedures will depend on the patient, themselves. The eating habits play major role if somebody’s obesity problem is due to sweets, I would prefer to go […]

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LAP-BAND in Jordan – Who Should Consider It

This video shows a noted bariatric surgeon from Amman, Jordan speaking about laparoscopic gastric banding and associated safety measures. Apart from Jordan, low-cost gastric banding facilities are available in Mexico also. Following is the video narration: “Now, the band needs a very committed patient because that really establish good result, or the patient cannot get […]

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Duodenal Switch Procedure Amman – Jordan

This video shows a renowned bariatric surgeon from Amman, Jordan discussing duodenal switch procedure. Apart from Jordan, duodenal switch surgery in Belgium is offered at an equally affordable cost. Duodenal switch surgery involves a restrictive and a malabsorptive aspect. Restrictive aspect involves the removal of approximately 70 percent of the stomach along the greater curvature, […]

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