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Tijuana Sleeve Gastrectomy Testimonial

Brandy from Henderson, Texas, went to Tijuana for low-cost sleeve surgery, after she struggled with weight-loss and diets for several years.

She discusses her experience in the below video:

“My name is Brandy. I’ve come from Henderson, Texas, and I’m a homemaker. I don’t work; I just take care of six kids and enjoy doing that.

“I’ve had a long, hard time losing weight for several years. My first husband passed away, so I put on 70 pounds after his death and could never get it off so I decided to do this because I couldn’t get slim fast… all that didn’t work… all the other diets just…”

Why Mexico?

“Mainly because of the price. It was… it was a lot more affordable. There I couldn’t do it for… you know… it’s three times higher so, the price was better here. I’ll be able to pay for it, not have to finance it.”

On her Concerns about Traveling to Mexico

“I was very scared to travel. I was just nervous about coming to Mexico but I had dental work before so I kind of knew the city but I hadn’t been to this area that’s kind of why mainly I had a friend come with me so that she kinda help me be more at ease. There was nothing to be scared of.”

On the Hospital

“The hospital was very clean and they cleaned it several times while I was there. The staff was very, very friendly. I loved the staff. Most of them also spoke very clean English and the few that didn’t they understood English and they really tried to communicate and they did well. They were very attentive to us.”

More and more Americans are heading to Mexico, seeking quality medical services that they are unable to pay for, in their local healthcare systems. Mexican surgeons are able to provide these surgeries for a much lower price for the cost of living in Mexico, its medical education, and all expenses related to medical treatments are much cheaper than in the United States or Canada.


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