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Bariatric Surgery Outside the USA

Bariatric Surgery AbroadWeight-loss could be crucial for a healthy life, but for many regular work-outs and dieting just don’t fit into our busy schedules.

And once the waistline distends beyond the stage of redemption with mere lifestyle changes, bariatric surgery is the only option left.

Those who get sleepless nights just thinking about the costs of bariatric surgery may now find appeasement in the options available abroad.

With a little research, one can find an affordable bariatric surgery outside the USA.

The World Health Organization reports that over 2.8 million adults throughout the world die each year as a result of being obese or overweight. If high prices are keeping you from getting a surgery that could drastically improve your health, you can consider traveling toIndia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jordan, Belgium, etc. where treatment is affordable and the doctors are affable.

Cost of Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

If you’re suffering from obesity, big medical bills and debt adding stress to your life are the last things you want. Many people travel for lap band in Mexico or gastric bypass in India, and you too can save money by having bariatric surgery abroad.

The lower cost of living in these destinations, coupled with the larger number of doctors and competitive prices, means that you’ll be paying a fraction of the cost that is charged in the USA.

Even after taking into account travel expenses and lodging, your trip for obesity surgery abroad will allow you to save a lot and help you get the care you deserve without breaking the bank.

Obesity Surgery Abroad—Locations

Whether you feel more comfortable staying close to home by crossing the border to have your weight-loss surgery in Mexico or wish to travel farther out to the Middle-East or Asia for bariatric surgery, you must conduct an exhaustive research and compare your options before selecting the ideal destination. Some popular destinations you might consider are:


WLS Outside the USAGetting gastric bypass, lap band, and sleeve surgery in Mexico allows you to get the treatment you need by just going south of the border. Some other benefits are:

  • The convenient location. Border cities like Tijuana and Mexicali are thronged by medical tourists, especially because they can be easily driven to from Arizona and California.
  • In addition to the more affordable surgical procedures, prescription medication is also available at a reduced rate in Mexico, allowing you to save money on any medicine you might need to purchase after your surgery.
  • Traveling to Mexico allows you to retain many of the same comforts as at home. Popular chain stories and banks from the USA have branched out into Mexico, and many people in popular tourist places can converse in English.


By traveling a little further from home, you can receive care from hospitals popular among many international patients in Jordan.

  • Hospitals in Amman, Jordan are regularly visited by tourists in nearby countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and even some from Western countries.
  • These hospitals have dedicated staff trained in working with medical tourists.
  • Members of the hospitals can speak several languages, so communication should not be a problem during your stay.


Having procedures like gastric sleeve or roux-en-y gastric bypass in India also has several benefits, such as:

  • Gastric sleeve, lap band, and gastric bypass costs in India are very low as compared to those in most other parts of the world. Owing to the low cost of living in the country all other related expenses—medicines, lodging, commuting—are also not very hard to bear.
  • Bariatric surgeons in India are qualified doctors who go through rigorous training and certification. Many surgeons in India have even studied and trained in the USA and those in our network are experienced in working with tourists seeking medical care.

Costa Rica

Popular for its gorgeous scenery and wildlife, Costa Rica has also become a hot spot for medical tourism. A few advantages of having surgery in Costa Rica are:

  • Costa Rica is close to the USA, allowing for reduced travel time and costs.
  • There are also several recovery resorts in Costa Rica which provide relaxing facilities and beautiful settings for you to recover in.
  • It’s possible to drive to Costa Rica across the Pan-American Highway bridging Alaska and the southern tip of South America.

Bariatric surgery outside the USA could be a very practical, and in some cases the only-possible, solution for obese individuals. If you’re tired of struggling with traditional weight-loss methods and need to have a surgery to shed those excessive pounds, you can find it in a foreign country with capable surgeons at a more affordable price.

Baritric Surgery World facilitates affordable weight-loss surgeries at several locations outside the USA. For more information and your FREE Quote fill-out the estimate-request form on the right.