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Before and After Lap Band in Tijuana

Before and After Lap Band in TijuanaYou need to know what to do before and after lap band in Tijuana, Mexico. As per the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California, nearly eight million people traveled to Tijuana in 2009 to get some sort of medical treatment.

And a major draw among the medical tourists was lap banding. The main reason why so many people opt for banding surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is the lower cost of the treatment.

Tijuana being closer to the western states of USA is easily accessible and hence receives scores of patients every year.Hospitals for weight loss surgery in Mexico, especially in Tijuana, have several bariatric surgeons on their panel who are well-experienced in performing the lap band procedure.

Lap Band Surgery – Procedural Overview

  • A minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure is performed to wrap an inflated, flexible and strong silicone band around the upper section of the stomach.
  • This process creates a smaller upper pouch and a narrower passage to the larger lower part of the stomach.
  • The food is stored in the smaller upper pouch of the stomach.
  • The narrower passage delays the process of emptying the food from the smaller upper pouch, which makes a patient to feel full relatively sooner.
  • Adjustments or fills are made using a subcutaneous injection port.
  • Saline injections can be administered to tighten or loosen the silicone band to achieve the desired weight loss results.

Things to Consider Before and After Gastric Banding in Tijuana

There are certain precautions and steps that patients must take before and after lap band surgery in Tijuana. The lap band before and after considerations include the following:

  • Contact a qualified dietician to learn about the diet you need to maintain before and after lap band surgery in Mexico.
  • Get your complete psychological evaluation done.
  • Get a barium swallow or an upper endoscopy test done to ensure that there are no ulcers, tumors, polyps, or bacteria in your stomach.
  • Evaluations for heart and lung may also be required.
  • Inform your surgeon about the medications you are taking currently or are going to take during the recovery.
  • You need to stop smoking for at least one month before and after gastric binding surgery.
  • Tijuana BorderDon’t consume alcohol at least 48 hours before your lap band surgery.
  • Try to lose 5-10 percent of excess body weight before surgery.
  • After surgery, eat small meals during the day, everyday.
  • Avoid drinking carbonated beverages.
  • Don’t drink and eat simultaneously.
  • Eat and chew slowly. Wait for a couple of minutes before taking your next bite.
  • Certain foods such as pineapple, bread, celery, non-tender red meat and foods with high-fiber content may block the stoma (outlet of the stomach). Avoid them completely.

Lap Band Surgery Tijuana – Advantages

  • Lap Band Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, would cost you a lot less than similar procedure in the United States or Canada. You can get a quote and information about the cost of a lap band surgery in Tijuana and medical loans for Bariatric Surgery by filling the quote request form on the right.
  • The top medical institutes and hospitals in Mexico have sophisticated infrastructure and latest equipment to perform the surgical procedures, such as lap band surgery, efficiently.
  • There are quite a few hospitals in Mexico which are accredited by international organizations such as Joint Commission International (JCI) and are obliged to maintain and provide highest standards of healthcare.
  • Surgeons and doctors in Tijuana are highly qualified and have years of experience in performing gastric banding surgeries.
  • They provide all necessary guidance to patients related to what to do before and after lap band in Tijuana.
  • Offshore patients can easily interact with English-speaking support staff.
  • There is no or negligible waiting period for surgery in Tijuana.


Along with the lap band, other weight loss procedures including duodenal switch and gastrectomy in the Tijuana hospital are also offered at a remarkably low price.

The medical tourism in Mexico is on the rise and the number of people visiting different cities of the country for healthcare is increasing each year. Getting your lap band surgery done in Tijuana allows you to save your hard-earned money. However, one should carefully bear in mind the doctor’s advice on what to do before and after lap band in Tijuana.

Bariatric Surgery World facilitates affordable lap band surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. For more information, submit the estimate–request form on the right.