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Cash Pay Bariatric Surgery Mexico

Low cost medical treatment makes cash pay bariatric surgery in Mexico an attractive proposition for those considering bariatric surgery abroad.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico is often a popular choice for Americans and Canadians looking for self pay bariatric procedures, as besides the cost advantage, the Latin American country offers them the convenience of shorter travels.

Choosing Affordable Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Self pay Bariatric SurgeryIf your current insurance provider won’t cover the cost of bariatric surgery or you don’t have a health insurance plan in place, searching for low cost bariatric surgery in Mexico might seem like an ideal solution for the following reasons:

  • Although prices for surgery in Mexico are generally cheaper this isn’t due to differences in healthcare quality. The cost of living is lower in Mexico when compared to countries such as the USA, Canada and UK, and this is reflected in your bill.
  • There are a number of excellent medical facilities which offer cutting edge surgeries in the field of weight loss. The advent of medical tourism has meant that these are able to cater to English speaking patients so that communication isn’t an issue.
  • Waiting lists are often short or non-existent which means you can organize your surgery based around your schedule.
  • If you currently reside in the USA, surgery for obesity in Mexico border towns might provide the most cost effective approach. Tijuana, for example, is only 17 miles from San Diego, CA, whilst Ciudad Juarez is 10 miles from El Paso, TX.
  • If you’re looking into self funding, you might want to consider taking out medical loans for weight loss surgery. Finance can be arranged in a number of ways and allows you take advantage of the cheaper healthcare available abroad.

Tips for Organizing Self Pay Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

  • Selecting your Mexico bariatric surgery on cash purchase doesn’t limit you to specific hospitals, which may be a condition of certain insurance providers. This gives you more freedom to choose a place that suits your requirements. Whether this is picking somewhere close to your home town or a city which you’ve always longed to visit, the decision is up to you.
  • Carry out adequate research prior to your trip. If you’re booking through a company, remember to check what your package includes. Patient testimonials and online reviews are often a good place to start.
  • Select your surgeon based on their reputation. By researching well, you’d be able to find a surgeon who has trained or worked abroad, and is experienced in dealing with medical tourists.
  • Obese ManCheck your Body Mass Index (BMI) to ensure that you’re a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery. Generally, you’ll be considered if your BMI is greater than 35-40 and you’re in good health.
  • Talk to your surgeon to decide which bariatric procedure is appropriate for you.
  • Make sure you have all of your documentation in place prior to travel. This might include VISAs and passports and is dependent on your country of origin.
  • Try to make sure that your overall health is as good as possible prior to your trip. This might include curtailing drinking and smoking and taking moderate exercise.

Self Pay Bariatric Surgery Abroad – Costs to Consider

There are a number of costs which you should take into consideration if you’re booking your bariatric surgery abroad and these include the following:

  • Cost of all travel to your destination hospital. Remember to factor in the price of transfers to your hotel and any transport costs you think you might incur during your trip.
  • Cost of accommodation. You can minimize the price associated with your hotel by shopping around. Many internet sites offer low cost accommodation and it’s worth doing your research.
  • Cost of the surgery.
  • Any hospital expenses, which may include lab tests or surgeon fees.
  • Any costs associated with recuperation or recovery.

Even when you take all of these costs into account, it’s likely that you’ll save money overall as the price of bariatric surgery in Mexico is significantly lower than that in the first world nations.

The rise in the number of people seeking surgery for weight loss is on the increase and obesity rates in many developed countries continue to rise. The upward spiraling costs of surgery mean that those looking to fund the procedure themselves have to look towards countries where prices may be lower. Significant savings and a high standard of care mean that cash pay bariatric surgery in Mexico is a viable option for many medical tourists.

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