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Interesting Obesity Facts – Is the World Fatter?

Yes, the world is fatter than it was more than two decades back. As per statistics on obesity released by the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity rates have doubled from the rates prevalent in 1980. In its Obesity and Overweight FactSheet, WHO points out that 35% of the adults aged 20 and over were overweight […]

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Cost of Gastric Sleeve in the Middle East

Quite often, the opulence of Dubai defines the idea of Middle East and consequently, people often tend to commit a logical fallacy of equating big wealth of the city with skyrocketing prices in the entire region. It may come as a surprise to many that the cost of gastric sleeve in the Middle East is, […]

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Way to the Famous Dead Sea

The picture below shows a signboard showing the way to the famous dead sea, which is the deepest hyper-saline lake. The salinity lends an unusual buoyancy to the waters of this lake. The East coast of Jordan has become a major health and wellness hub because of the medicinal properties of Dead Sea waters. [singlepic id=302 w=640 […]

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Gastric Plication Jordan

For patients struggling to lose excess weight despite resorting to strict diet plans and exercising, gastric plication in Jordan is a low cost solution for patients who are struggling to lose weight. Weight loss surgery in Jordan is popular among medical tourists from the United States, United Kingdom, and the Middle East because of the […]

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Choosing Gastric Bypass Procedure (GBP) – Jordan Bariatric Surgeon

This video shows a renowned bariatric surgeon from Jordan discussing how gastric bypass procedure is decided for an individual. Following is the video narration. “How to chose between different procedures will depend on the patient, themselves. The eating habits play major role if somebody’s obesity problem is due to sweets, I would prefer to go […]

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LAP-BAND in Jordan – Who Should Consider It

This video shows a noted bariatric surgeon from Amman, Jordan speaking about laparoscopic gastric banding and associated safety measures. Apart from Jordan, low-cost gastric banding facilities are available in Mexico also. Following is the video narration: “Now, the band needs a very committed patient because that really establish good result, or the patient cannot get […]

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