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New Bariatric Surgery – Stomach Intestinal Pylorus Sparing Surgery (SIPS) – Now Available in Las Vegas, Nevada

The latest bariatric treatment – SIPS Surgery – is now available in Las Vegas for those suffering from obesity. What is Stomach Intestinal Pylorus Sparing Surgery? Stomach Intestinal Pylorus Sparing Surgery — a new bariatric surgery also known as modified duodenal switch surgery — is performed by reducing the size of the stomach. It involves […]

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How Low Can Sleeve Gastrectomy Prices Go in Dallas, Texas?

In order to answer this question we conducted an online search to find the lowest gastric sleeve prices in Dallas, Texas. And the results were quite interesting. For the uninitiated, sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive bariatric surgery which helps in weight loss in people who have failed to reduce weight conventionally through diet control and […]

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Cheapest Place in the US to have Gastric Sleeve

Did you know the price of a gastric sleeve in the United States hovers between $16,000 and $24,000? And did you also know that affordable weight loss surgery in the USA is actually a reality? The cheapest place in the country to have a gastric sleeve is — surprise, surprise — Las Vegas! How much […]

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Infographic on Obesity Statistics in the United States

Obesity has reached worrying proportions in the United States. With almost 2 out of 3 adult Americans considered obese or overweight, the startling statistics on increasing waistlines call for the need for making serious lifestyle changes to combat this problem. This interesting infographic highlights how obese America is.     When diet and exercising fail […]

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Obamacare Doesn’t Cover Bariatric Surgery – Where to Turn?

The president’s controversial new healthcare initiative guarantees to bring the much needed health insurance coverage to millions of uninsured Americans. Unfortunately, obese citizens in over two dozen states will find that weight loss treatments, both medications and bariatric surgeries, will not be covered under the Affordable Care Act. Many of those states, like Mississippi, Alabama, […]

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Bariatric Surgery Outside the USA

Weight-loss could be crucial for a healthy life, but for many regular work-outs and dieting just don’t fit into our busy schedules. And once the waistline distends beyond the stage of redemption with mere lifestyle changes, bariatric surgery is the only option left. Those who get sleepless nights just thinking about the costs of bariatric […]

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