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Diabetes Surgery in Costa Rica

Diabetes SurgeryType 2 is the most common form of diabetes, and overweight people have a higher risk of developing this disease. Advances in medical research have made curing Type 2 diabetes with surgery possible, but surgery may be too expensive for many patients.

For financially-constrained patients, diabetes surgery in Costa Rica can be a highly effective, yet very affordable treatment option.

Getting diabetes surgery in Costa Rica is like hitting two birds with one stone: it may help you shed off your excess weight and free you from diabetes at the same time—all for a very affordable price.

In the US alone, millions of people are suffering from diabetes. In fact, data from the American Diabetes Association’s 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet shows that 8.3% of the American population, or 25.8 million children and adults, have diabetes.

Overview of Diabetes Management Through Surgery

For those considering low cost Type 2 diabetes surgery in Costa Rica, get more acquainted with this medical breakthrough:

  • The principles of Type 2 diabetes treatment go hand-in-hand with weight loss, requiring a healthy low-glucose diet, lifestyle change, and regular exercise.
  • Patients opting for inexpensive metabolic surgery for Type 2 diabetes in Costa Rica can expect immediate improvement in their blood sugar levels a few days after the surgery.
  • A study published in the Annals of Surgery in 2003 reported that 83% of Type 2 diabetics who underwent Roux-en-y gastric bypass had their diabetes resolved after the surgery (“Effect of Laparoscopic Roux-En Y Gastric Bypass on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus,” by Philip R. Schauer et al). Patients who undergo gastric bypass for Type 2 diabetes in Costa Rica can achieve satisfying results without emptying their pockets.
  • A study by A. D. Strader et al published in Obesity Surgery in 2009 showed that ileal interposition (another diabetic surgery) improves glucose tolerance. The goal of this surgery is to increase insulin sensitivity hormones.
  • In a study published in the Annals of Surgery in July 2012, B. Geloneze et al determined that duodenal-jejunal bypass resulted in better glycemic control and reduced insulin requirement in non-obese diabetics.   A number of hospitals and bariatric clinics in Costa Rica offer duodenal jejunal bypass surgery.

Why Diabetes Surgery in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica HospitalMany American and Canadian medical tourists prefer diabetes bariatric surgery in Costa Rica. Here’s why:

  • Bariatric surgery for diabetes management need not be expensive. Patients can enjoy huge savings with gastrointestinal surgery treatment for Type 2 diabetes in Costa Rica as it is about 40 to 70% less than the medical costs in First World countries such as the US. A complete treatment package in Costa Rica is still far cheaper even after you add in the travel and accommodation expenses. Same goes for all the other weight loss treatments, such as lap band and gastric sleeve in Costa Rica.
  • Diabetes bypass surgery in Costa Rica is performed by highly competent surgeons, most of whom hold international education and training.
  • Patients undergoing surgery for diabetes will not be disappointed as the facilities and technology at the leading hospitals in Costa Rica are world class.
  • One can easily schedule one’s metabolic surgery in Costa Rica, as long waiting lists almost do not exist here.
  • After the surgery, patients can stay in beautiful recovery resorts in Costa Rica for the duration of their treatment. Or if their doctor allows it, they can relax in many other beautiful tourist destinations across this tropical country.

Costa Rica Travel Reminders

It is fascinating to be in a new place far away from home. But being a stranger in a strange land requires you to be aware of some travel guidelines for a safe and hassle-free stay:

  • If travelling with your partner, avoid becoming too affectionate in public as most Costa Ricans dislike it.
  • Tipping is unnecessary, as a 10% service charge is most of the times included in bills.
  • Secure a taxi through your hotel for safety and to avoid being overcharged.
  • Learning some basic Spanish phrases before coming to Costa Rica will make your travel more convenient and fun.
  • Avoid money changers in street corners as they are technically illegal. Convert your currency only at authorized exchanges.

Both diabetes and obesity can be cured and prevented with a combination of healthy diet, more active lifestyle, regular exercise, happy disposition, and a whole lot of self-discipline and determination to live longer. Getting affordable diabetes surgery in Costa Rica is only the first step to a lifetime of healthy choices.

Bariatric Surgery World facilitates low-cost diabetes surgery in Costa Rica. For more information and a free quote, fill-out the estimate-request form on the right.