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Duodenal Switch Procedure Amman – Jordan

This video shows a renowned bariatric surgeon from Amman, Jordan discussing duodenal switch procedure. Apart from Jordan, duodenal switch surgery in Belgium is offered at an equally affordable cost.

Duodenal switch surgery involves a restrictive and a malabsorptive aspect. Restrictive aspect involves the removal of approximately 70 percent of the stomach along the greater curvature, thereby, restricting the amount of food intake in the body. The malabsorptive aspect involves the rerouting of small intestine; reducing the amount of time the body takes to capture calories from the food, hence limiting fat absorption.

Following is the video narration:“Duodenal switch is definitely the most superior in obtaining weight loss; it’s superior to the gastric bypass itself. It’s usually done in two stages. We usually reserve it to the super obese patient population that means the body mass above 50 and definitely a patient population for the body mass above 60.

The procedure is separated into basically the sleeve gastrectomy portion and bypassing the second, third and fourth portion of the duodenum, almost bypassing 50 percent of the …. So, it has a restrictive component and a mal-absorptive component that’s why it has a superior result to the gastric bypass. Even long term wise, weight gain is not that common with the duodenal switch itself and it’s a superior procedure in diabetes remission as well.

So if the patient who has severe significant diabetes, insulin-dependent for a long time probably will have a better result with the duodenal switch I suppose to the gastric bypass. The one drawback is the drawback of the sleeve gastrectomy which is reflux. It does not treat reflux so in those patient populations probably oblige to do a gastric bypass instead of the duodenal switch.”

With no insurance cover and skyrocketing bariatric surgery prices in the home country, a pocket-friendly yet quality treatment destination becomes the priority for many.

Jordan has emerged as the hub for many medical tourists from countries like the US, Europe and the Middle East. Whether it’s gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, lap band or duodenal switch – Jordan offers them all at an affordable cost. The low cost of surgery doesn’t mean that quality of the treatment is compromised. Our network bariatric surgeons in Jordan are highly experienced and internationally trained. The bariatric surgeon in this video has the training from Dallas, TX, US and is certified by The American Board of Surgery.

Along with the affordable cost, quality of treatment by the internationally trained and highly skilled bariatric surgeons and advanced Jordan hospitals, makes it possible for a medical tourist to have the surgery, alongside saving on for a relaxing holiday in Jordan.

Bariatric Surgery World offers affordable weight loss surgeries in the topmost hospitals across various countries in the world. It’s weight loss network hospitals are in countries like India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jordan, and Belgium.

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