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FDA and Lap Band

FDA-approved Lap BandFDA stands for food and drug administration and is an agency under the Department of Health and Human Services of U.S.

It has many offices and centers working under it. F.D.A. works to improve the public health by encouraging and supporting innovations in medical devices and drugs so as to ensure their safety, suitability to cure diseases and to make them affordable for people.

In line with its responsibilities, recently the FDA approved Lap Band surgery for patients with BMI 30 or above. Whether you get banding surgery in the US, or opt for more affordable lap band in Tijuana, Mexicali, or any other medical tourism destination, you know you can get a gastric band that has been consent to by the FDA.

FDA Lap Band Approval

Lap Band is a device which is implanted in a person’s stomach surgically to help him/her lose weight. Prior to year 2001, the use of lap band or performing lap band surgery in the U.S. was prohibited. However, on June 5, 2001, FDA approved the usage of lap band to help extremely obese patients lose weight. Thereon it is being extensively used in U.S. The approval was given subject to the condition of use of lap band in case of patients with BMI 40 or above or patients with BMI 35 with at least one of the obesity related diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Recently, on 16th February 2011, responding to a request made by Allergan Inc. a multi-specialty health care company, F.D.A. approved lap band for patients with BMI 35 and patients with BMI 30 with at least one of the obesity related medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, etc.

How Lap Band Works?

Adjustable gastric banding is a form of bariatric surgery which makes use of a hollow silicone band. This band is placed in the upper part of the stomach, thereby creating a small pouch, with very limited capacity to hold food. This limited capacity of the pouch greatly reduces the amount of food a patient can consume at particular time. The pouch fills up quickly and patients feel hungry less often. This is how gastric banding mechanism helps a patient lose weight and also reduces the hunger sensations sent to the brain.

Lap Band Surgery – Suitability

Bariatric surgery like lap band is for people who have failed to lose weight by conventional methods including diet, exercise, etc.

The surgery requires strong commitment on part of the patient to strictly follow the diet as told by the doctor and also to switch to a healthier life style. Bariatric surgeries like lap band require permanent behavioral changes.

These are not recommended to people who are addicted to alcohol, drugs of any kind, have undergone abdominal surgery previously or have intestine infection. In addition people not willing to give away unhealthy eating habits should not undergo such a surgery.

Risks Involved in Gastric Banding

Although adjustable gastric banding offers many benefits to obesity patients there are also some risks involved. Some of the risks are: band slippage, infections, bile reflux, and inadequate weight loss.

Since the FDA approved lap band surgery, more and more people, unable to shed weight by conventional ways, are opting for such surgical means.

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