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Gastric Band Istanbul – Turkey

Gastric Band - IstanbulThe easy-on-the-pocket option of getting a gastric band in Istanbul – Turkey, can be very helpful for the patients who are fighting obesity but cannot afford the high prices of weight loss surgeries in their home countries.

The low cost bariatric surgery also means that medical tourists from the US, Canada, the UK, and nearby countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, other parts of Europe, and the Middle East can have a relaxing holiday after the procedure.

Gastric Band Surgery Explained

  • During the lap band surgery a small incision is made and a silicon fluid-filled band is placed on the upper part of the stomach. It restricts the amount of food that the stomach can hold, helping the patient to lose weight.
  • Fluid can be added or removed to constrict or loosen the band to suit the needs of the patient.
  • ŸThe procedure is fully reversible and the band can be removed should the need for that arrive. Non reversible procedures such as gastric bypass in Istanbul are also available at pocket-friendly prices.
  • The gastric band is normally recommended to the patients who have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or above.
  • It can also be suggested to those with a lower BMI, between 35 and 40, provided their situation is complicated by a serious weight-related health problem, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • The procedure takes about an hour and medical tourists considering lap band surgery in Istanbul – Turkey should know that patients usually spend only one-two days in the hospital.
  • If lap band is not an option, the patient can avail of a sleeve gastrectomy in Istanbul, Turkey.

Why Choose Gastric Band in Istanbul – Turkey?

With the more than a third of the American population suffering from obesity (as per a report by Cynthia L. Ogden and colleagues titled “Prevalence of Obesity in the United States, 2009–2010” and published in the January 2012 edition of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) Data Brief), it is easy to understand why many are choosing to go under the surgeon’s scalpel to say goodbye to excess weight.

There are numerous upsides to seeking gastric banding in Istanbul – Turkey, some of which are outlined below –

  • Grand Bazaar - IstanbulLap band prices in Istanbul – Turkey are significantly lower than in the USA, Canada, and the UK. Patients can save anything between 30%-60% even after adding up travel and lodging expenses to the lap band surgery cost in Istanbul – Turkey. Medical tourists can also apply for medical loans before going for a gastric band surgery in Istanbul – Turkey.
  • You will find hospitals that are located in major Turkish cities that have well established transport links and airports.
  • As of July 2012, more than 50 hospitals in Turkey are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI accreditation ensures compliance with hygiene and safety standards and also demonstrates high quality of patient care.
  • Some hospitals have partnerships with major American hospitals such as Harvard Medical Center and Johns Hopkins, which means that they can offer cutting-edge technologies and modern medical facilities.
  • A trip for lap band surgery in Istanbul – Turkey doesn’t mean countenancing stressful language barriers as all leading hospitals that cater for medical tourists are staffed with English speaking personnel and many western trained doctors.
  • Turkey is a popular tourist destination with a lot to offer: colorful traditional street markets, sightseeing, excellent beaches, affordable shopping, and inexpensive traditional beauty treatment. With the low gastric banding cost in Istanbul – Turkey, you won’t find it difficult to budget for some sightseeing.

Organizing Your Lap Band Istanbul Trip

Paying heed to the following pointers during your stay to avail weight loss surgery in Turkey will help enhance your overall experience –

  • Discuss the details of your stay with the hospital (hotel, duration, services offered).
  • ŸRemember that you will have to pay for check-up visits in your home country as the lap band might need to be adjusted from time to time.
  • Spring and autumn are the best times to stay for laparoscopic adjustable gastric band in Istanbul, as the weather is pleasant and the temperatures not too high. Visiting before mid-June or after August will also help you avoid mosquitoes.
  • US and Canadian citizens are required to have a tourist visa in order to enter Turkey, which can be obtained at the point of entry (check the price before your departure; at the time of writing this post, which was in 2012, it was $20).
  • Bear in mind that although getting gastric band in Istanbul – Turkey can help you to lose weight and improve quality of your life, it is not a stand-alone solution. The patients are expected to follow a healthy diet and stay physically active to make the surgery work the best.

Advanced economy, developed infrastructures, and the exotic allure of the country as well as cost-saving opportunities attract many medical tourists to Turkey. Gastric band in Istanbul – Turkey can help you to begin the journey to a new healthier you without breaking the bank.

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