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Gastric Band Surgery in Las Vegas

As some Americans are planning trips to get weight loss surgery in other countries, some have discovered that they can also get affordable gastric band in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not having to go out of the country to avail of cheap procedures is a refreshing change, especially when taking into account the airfare and accommodation expenses that would be included in foreign trips. So it is with open arms that people with obesity issues welcome weight loss surgery like laparoscopic gastric banding right in the US – without expecting to pay exorbitant amounts to become healthier and slimmer. gastric-band-surgery

In addition to lap band, patients can also go for sleeve gastrectomy, stomach plication or Gastric bypass surgery in Las Vegas

Lap Band Surgery

So what exactly is lap band surgery? Also known as gastric banding, it is one of the most popular weight loss procedures in the world today. Patients may prefer this type of surgery over others due to the following reasons:

  • It is minimally invasive with the use of laparoscope – meaning there are no long cuts in the abdomen. Instead, small keyhole cuts are made so very thin instruments can be inserted and surgery is done with the aid of a monitor.
  • Quick surgery with short recovery time – it can be done on an outpatient basis, and the patient can be mobile hours after the surgery.
  • Adjustable – the band encircling the upper part of the stomach is connected to a port in the abdomen where fills are injected. Fills can also be reduced when necessary.
  • No part of the stomach is removed – the surgery involves only placing the band around the upper part of the stomach; no digestive system structure is removed or altered permanently.

Las Vegas Weight Loss Procedures

Laparoscopic banding in Las Vegas, Nevada is performed by expert weight loss surgeons working in state-of-the art facilities. However, some might also opt to get other weight loss procedures for the following reasons:

  • May not want to have something implanted in their body (the band and the port)
  • May prefer other surgeries with permanent alterations in their digestive system
  • May want bigger weight loss results in less time

In that case, patient can always opt for other weight loss procedures, mentioned above.


Travelling to Las Vegas for Lap Band Surgery

  • Americans will not need a passport or visa
  • Canadians need to have a passport

Getting a weight loss surgery in Las Vegas can also be a great opportunity to visit the Las Vegas Strip where several world-famous landmark hotel-casinos are located: The Bellagio, The Mirage, and The Mandalay Bay Hotel.