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Gastric Band Surgery India – Surgeon Interview

Leading bariatric surgeon from India talks about gastric band surgery.

In gastric band surgery, a small silicone band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. This restricts the amount of food intake in an individual. As the gastric band is inflatable, the opening between the upper and lower part of the stomach can be adjusted if required. In the above video, bariatric expert explains the surgery and band used for in it. Following is the video narration.

With an affordable cost of weight loss surgeries including gastric sleeve, lap band, stomach plication and  gastric bypass in India, it has become the favorite destination of many people all around the world for their fat loss surgery.

Following is the video narration.

“For the lap band procedure we use both the device that is made by Allergan, which is called the lap band and by Johnson & Johnson which is called the SAJB or Swiss band or the Swedish band. We have a comprehensive multidisciplinary program where we instruct the patients about the pre-operative diet, about exercise, about post-op diet, vitamin supplements.

In terms of adjustment of the band post-operatively we help the patient by communicating with their physicians. We are able to direct them towards band adjustment centers, especially in the United States and especially Allergan has a lot of support towards this. And if you contact the company, they will give of names of centers in your area that actually do the band adjustments.

Gastric banding is a good procedure for almost anybody who is below a BMI of 55 and does not have any bad mobility problems, no bad knees or hips so that they are mobile and can exercise.

There is no absolute contraindication if the BMI is more than 55 but generally I have seen the patients who have a BMI above 55 and have mobility problems, struggle with weight loss and are not as satisfied as other problems.

I have been in top centers in United States for my training and while I was working in New York. The facilities here are good if not better than most centers in the world, both in terms of expertise and the physical structure as well as the equipment.

We have the latest high definition audio-visual equipment in the operating theaters. We have the same instrumentation that are used in New York. And the rooms are excellent. The support staff is quite good and in terms of my training, I trained in the US. I have done more than 800 bariatric procedures and with excellent results.

I think whoever wants to get Bariatric Surgery and can’t get it done US because of all the expenses should be absolutely fearless coming to India, to our institution for Bariatric Procedure because they will get not what they will get in US but even better in terms facilities, in terms of expertise at a fraction of a cost and you can also visit India and see this beautiful country at the same time.

I have had patients not just from the United States but people from all over the world come here for bariatric surgery. They have come from Nigeria, from the UK, from Australia, New Zealand and Canada amongst other countries. We cater to all kinds of patients. I forgot to mention, Middle East including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Communication is not a problem especially with US patients and even patients from other countries. We have interpreters available around the clock, so they should have no problem here.”

The surgeon talks about two types of bands used in gastric band surgery – lap band (made by Allergan) and SAJB/swiss band/swedish band (by Johnson & Johnson). He discusses all the pre and post-operative diet, exercises and vitamin supplements with his patients before the surgery.

For adjustment of the gastric band, surgeon directs individuals to the band adjustment centers in their home country. He considers gastric banding as a good option for those who have BMI less than 55.

With more than 800 bariatric surgeries to his experience, the surgeon has practiced in US as well. He treated patients from different countries, including US, UK, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Other bariatric surgeries performed by him are gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and duodenal switch surgery.

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