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Gastric Bypass in Amman – Jordan

Gastric Bypass - JordanWeight loss surgery in Jordan is very inexpensive compared to the cost of procedures in the US, Canada, the UK, or other European countries. For instance, gastric bypass in Jordan is offered at a small fraction of what it would normally cost a patient for the same procedure in the United States.

Jordan is a small middle-eastern country west of Saudi Arabia. Because of its government’s recent efforts for economic growth, it is also aggressively pursuing a place in the top medical tourism destinations in the world. Jordan is able to offer healthcare services at lower prices while using the same technology, which is why the number of patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery in Jordan is steadily increasing.

Traveling to Jordan for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Citizens of the US, Canada, and the UK are not required to have prior visa clearance when traveling to Jordan for gastric bypass. Most citizens can travel to Jordan and obtain a visa at the airport as they arrive in the country, but there are some countries whose citizens are required to obtain one before they can enter Jordan.

It is best to check with the nearest Jordan consulate in your area to find out if you belong to the list of citizens who can get a visa upon arrival.

Jordan is known all over the world as an exotic tourist destination because of its natural tourist sites like the Dead Sea and numerous hot springs. It also boasts of impressive spa resorts and wellness destinations, which form a great pull for medical tourists to visit.

Cost of RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery in Jordan

Because the cost of living in the country is so much lower here, gastric bypass surgery in Jordan can go as low as almost half of the cost in the US or Canada. The very low prices for the same quality of healthcare services is what pushes patients from all over the world to visit Jordan for low-cost gastric bypass surgery. Oftentimes, price is the biggest concern for patients. Affordable procedures like the ones in Jordan can be the answer most patients have been searching for.

Why get Stomach Bypass in Jordan?

Beautiful sea side resort in JordanBesides low cost, the quality of medical services in Jordan is a big draw for medical tourists.
Jordan weight loss surgery centres are equipped with the latest technological breakthroughs that are also used in first world countries like the United States. Some of the steps hospitals and care centres have taken to ensure a decent place in the medical tourism industry are:

  • Employing board-certified, highly-skilled and experienced people in their network of medical professionals to take care of medical tourists
  • Employing extra staff members who cater especially to foreigners who come from other countries – translators, personal chefs, and other staff members specially designated for arranging the needs of medical tourists
  • World-class infrastructure of healthcare centres that are equipped with the latest in medical technology

How to Make the Most of a GBP Surgery Trip to Jordan

  • Ensure that you are working with a licensed surgeon by asking for credentials and even references from previous international patients.
  • Research about the facilities of the hospital or weight loss center in Jordan you are keen to use. It is important that you are surrounded by staff that you are comfortable with and that they are equipped with the latest tools for your health and safety.
  • Always give accurate information during primary evaluations and the trip planning stage. This will help both the hospital and the medical tourism agency to customize a health and surgery plan that is best for you. For example, patients qualify for certain procedures depending on their body mass index. Giving the correct information is essential to help the bariatric surgeon in identifying the procedure that will best help you.

Gastric bypass in Jordan does not have to be a stressful experience. The key is to find the right medical travel agency and healthcare professionals to take care of you. As the client, you have a right to get all the information you need and all the care you deserve in your journey to health and wellness.

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