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Gastric Bypass in Belgium

According to the World Health Organization Factsheet (2011), global obesity rates have doubled since 1980. This silent epidemic, along with rising costs of healthcare, prompts more people to find weight loss surgery abroad. By opting for gastric sleeve, lap band, or gastric bypass in Belgium, Mexico, India, one can get rid of excessive weight without burning a hole in their pocket.

Many people decide to have weight loss surgery in Belgium as it is among the leading European countries for medicine and healthcare. Besides having a high quality of life, Belgium ranks among the top for Health in The Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum 2011-2012. Yet, medical tourists may find it cheaper to fly to Belgium for a variety of medical or dental procedures compared to costs at home. Gastric bypass procedure in Belgium is no exception and can save you a considerable sum.
Apart from this, patients can also avail other procedures like lap band and gastric sleeve in Belgiumgastric-bypass-surgery-tools

Why choose Gastric Bypass in Belgium?

  • Healthcare in Belgium is of European standards. Both French and English methodologies are studied giving rise to the doctors’ high expertise.
  • Belgian doctors undergo many years of study and training and the medical profession is competitive.
  • According to Healthcare statistics by Eurostat for the European Commission, Belgium had the highest per capita number of doctors and hospital beds in 1999-2009.
  • The doctors have years of experience performing weight loss surgery in Belgium hospitals and advanced surgical methods and best practices are used.
  • Communication can be fluent between doctors, nurses and patients as English is widely spoken, while French and German is also used.

If you go for laparoscopic gastric bypass in Belgium, you can expect lesser scarring and faster recovery. In laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure, a smaller stomach is created and bypassed directly to the intestines. You may need to spend a few weeks from pre to post surgery and after going through a gastric you will need to adopt dietary and lifestyle changes to maintain weight loss.

It is perhaps the most popular among all weight loss procedures when it comes to achieving the best results. This is because aside from stapling the stomach to reduce the size, it also results in hormonal changes that decrease the instances of “hunger pangs.”

How exactly is Gastric Bypass done?

  • Stapling the stomach – restricting the volume of food that a person can eat
  • Food path rerouting – bypassing the small intestine’s first part
  • The smaller stomach pouch is easily filled with food contents.
  • When it is filled enough, it stretches and nerves tell the brain the stomach is full – requiring no need for additional food intake.
  • Patients who have undergone gastric bypass are bound to eat less than their normal helpings of food, as they will full with smaller amounts of food after surgery.

Many surgeons have regarded it the “gold standard” in weight loss procedures because of the length of time it has been practiced, and the expertise of surgeons performing it. Gastric bypass, however, has also long been regarded as the most complicated among weight loss procedures because of the cuts and stitches that go along with it. Thankfully, newer developments have led to the use of laparoscopy in this procedure as well, decreasing the need for more severe cuts and resulting to shorter recovery times. This type of procedure, called laparoscopic gastric bypass, is also available in Belgium.

Considerations for Gastric Bypass in Belgium

  • When considering gastric bypass in Belgium, you need to first find a suitable Belgian hospital and doctor to perform your weight loss surgery.
  • People who have BMI of 40 or BMI of 35 with conditions like heart disease and diabetes, are a candidate for obesity surgery in Belgium.
  • After surgery, you will most likely be on a liquid diet to aid recuperation, before returning to solid foods.
  • You may decide to fly in with a partner or family to enjoy sightseeing of this beautiful country. In this case, ensure that all persons have valid passports and travel documents to enter Belgium.
  • Patients seeking weight loss surgery in Belgium can also take the opportunity to explore the country’s many awe-inspiring tourist spots while in the country. cinquantenaire-art-history-museum-brussles

Cost of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass in Belgium

  • You stand to keep more in the pocket via gastric bypass surgery in Belgium, as compared to other places like the United States, UK or Canada.
  • The cost of obesity surgery in Belgium can be considerably cheaper and this helps people from around the world achieve their dream of bariatric surgery for weight loss.
  • For people, who are not covered by insurance or are restricted by the insurance company’s conditions for bariatric surgery, a medical loan can be an alternative to think over.
  • You can choose self-pay mode for surgery or enquire with us on a medical loan for gastric bypass procedures.

Going to Belgium for Weight Loss Surgery?

If you decide to get your RNY Surgery in Belgium, you must check with your doctor and see if your health allows you to explore the country. Belgium is a charming place. You can enjoy Art Nouveau architecture, a café culture, good shopping, or sightsee at the Royal Palace of Brussels and Antwerp Museum.

Gastric bypass surgery in Belgium is an option for people wanting weight loss surgery, but at a more affordable cost. Unlike many developed countries, there is little or no waiting time for medical procedures in Belgium. Couple with it the high quality of doctors, hospitals and an affordable rate, weight loss surgery in Belgium makes itself an attractive choice to multitudes of people.

Bariatric Surgery World facilitates affordable gastric bypass in Belgium. For more information, submit the estimate–request form on the right.