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Gastric Bypass Istanbul – Turkey

Gastric Bypass - Istanbul If your body mass index (BMI) falls into an unhealthy range, gastric bypass in Istanbul, Turkey is a viable option for you to lose weight surgically without splurging over your budget.
The gastric bypass cost in Istanbul, Turkey is much lower than the cost quoted for the procedure in the United States, Canada, Romania, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe.
Although Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in Istanbul, Turkey is cheaper, this does not mean that the healthcare facilities there cut corners on quality. In fact, Istanbul is known for its highly skilled doctors and state-of-the-art medical facilities: as of March 2012, the city was home to nearly 24 JCI-accredited hospitals. The reason why bariatric surgery is cheaper in Istanbul is because of the lower cost of living in Turkey, overall.

Some Info on Gastric Bypass

  • During gastric bypass surgery, a popular weight loss surgery (WLS) which is alternatively known as RNY gastric bypass, the stomach is made smaller by dividing it into an upper and lower pouch. The undersized upper pouch is further connected with a tiny part of the small intestine (jejunum). The reduced stomach allows for patients to greatly restrict the amount of food they eat and the ingested food bypasses a large part of the intestine allowing for lower absorption of calories. This in turn, results in weight loss.
  • According to a study by Michel Suter and colleagues published in the January 16, 2012 edition of the journal Archives of Surgery, compared to gastric banding, gastric bypass aids in better weight loss and better correction of the health issues concomitant with obesity.
  • In general, recovery time can last up to three months. One can go back to work after about two weeks.
  • The ideal gastric bypass surgery candidate is someone psychologically stable and who has a BMI of 40 or a BMI of 35 and above with a weight-related health issue, and is relying on surgery as a last resort for weight loss.
  • Complications include infection, bowel obstruction, and ulcers.

Benefits of Getting Gastric Bypass in Istanbul, Turkey

  • One large benefit of gastric bypass bariatric surgery in Istanbul is that the cost of the procedure is a mere fraction of what it costs in the developed countries.
  • Turkey is in close proximity to many European and Asian countries. Hence, choosing to undergo RNY gastric bypass in Istanbul can help people from the Middle East, the UK, France, Germany, Bulgaria, and Romania help save on travel costs and time. This is also beneficial for those who do not like long plane flights.
  • There are a number of state-of-the-art, well-equipped hospitals that one can choose from for getting gastric bypass WLS in Istanbul. Bariatric Surgery World is associated with one of the leading hospitals in Istanbul. This hospital is JCI-accredited and is associated with John Hopkins Medicine. The hospital has English-speaking medical personnel and multi-lingual international patient coordinators. The hospital also has a boutique hotel on its campus with well-furnished cozy rooms which can be booked by its patients.
  • Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul - TurkeyIf one is in a hurry to get traditional stomach bypass or its lesser invasive version, aka laparoscopic gastric bypass in Istanbul, Turkey, (s)he will not have to wait long – there is little to no waiting period to obtain weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass, lap banding and gastric sleeve in Istanbul.
  • Gastric bypass surgery in Istanbul allows patients discretion if they do not want others to know they are undergoing weight loss surgery.
  • Istanbul is home to many architectural sites that history buffs can visit. Before gastric bypass in Istanbul, if one’s schedule permits, one can indulge in a relaxing, fun-filled holiday visiting the various historical places, museums, and markets.

Gastric Bypass Procedure in Istanbul – Things to Consider

  • Since you will be getting gastric bypass surgery in another country, you will need to work harder to ensure that your doctor and you are on the same page.
  • It is wise to ask for gastric bypass before and after pictures from your doctor to ensure they can produce the results you want.
  • Although you will pay low prices for surgery in Istanbul, you will have to shell out normal surgery checkup rates assuming you go back to your physician in your own country.
  • If you are contemplating taking a friend or a family member along, this would mean additional costs.

Sightseeing in Istanbul

As mentioned, before your gastric bypass surgery in Istanbul, you can give yourself the perks of a vacation. Here are some of the must-sees in and must-dos of Istanbul –

  • The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, a basilica-turned-mosque-turned-museum, is a one of a kind spiritual experience. Its beautifully rounded dome and intricate interior mosaics have been around for centuries.
  • “Serene” and “lovely” are two words commonly used to describe the Blue Mosque, which gets its name from the blue-tiled decorations inside.
  • One should not leave Istanbul without venturing into a traditional hamam or Turkish bath. Many Turkish bath houses also offer massages and beauty treatments for a rejuvenating experience.
  • Istanbul has many night clubs and pubs. Medical tourists looking to expand their musical breadth can check out the local lounges for a taste of Turkish music.

Gastric bypass in Istanbul, Turkey is an affordable, quality way for medical tourists to lower their BMIs without breaking the bank.

Bariatric Surgery World facilitates affordable Gastric Bypass in Istanbul, Turkey. For more information, submit the estimate–request form on the right.