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Gastric Bypass Surgery in Bangalore, India

Gastric BypassIf your  body mass index (BMI) has risen to concerning levels but you cannot afford medical bills at your place, traveling for gastric bypass bariatric surgery in Bangalore, India, could be a viable option that can save you from the medical complications prevalent in overweight individuals.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than one-third of adults in the US are obese. With such a large percentage of people overweight, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and other bariatric surgeries have become important but the cost is still prohibitive to many people.

The low cost of gastric bypass in Bangalore, India, could be a relief to people looking for discounts on bariatric surgeries.

  • The CDC states that obesity is the second largest cause of preventable deaths in the US.
  • Many health risks are raised in people overweight and obese, including: the risk of type II diabetes, colon cancer, hypertension, and stroke.
  • As reported by The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive & Kidney Disease (NIDDK), those receiving gastric bypass surgery by and large report maintaining 60 to 70% of their initial weight loss for 10 years after the surgery.

Benefits of Gastric Bypass in Bangalore, India

  • The cost of gastric bypass in Bangalore, India, is a driving factor, as low prices here make this procedure a possibility for many people. It’s even possible to receive medical loans if you need help financing your surgery.
  • Gastric bypass surgeons in Bangalore are well respected, experienced, and capable of providing you with a good level of care.
  • Bangalore Palace GardenHospitals in our network in Bangalore, India, follow modern medical practices and are strict about their hygiene standards.
  • Bangalore is a large, cosmopolitan city and as such most people are able to speak English, so you won’t have to struggle to communicate during your trip.
  • After the surgery, you may have to spend some time in the city to recover. Having your gastric bypass bariatric surgery in Bangalore could also give you a chance to enjoy the unique South Indian culture.

Getting Gastric Bypass in Bangalore? Some Tips:

  • Spas and massages are an integral part of the local culture in Bangalore, and the city offers many options for those looking to relax while visiting.
  • The climate of Bangalore is mostly mild throughout the year, with peak temperatures in April and May and the coldest winter month (December) staying around 54 degrees Fahrenheit in the mornings.
  • While the official language of Bangalore is Kannada, most signs are accompanied by an English language translation. Most retail transactions are handled in English.

Gastric bypass in Bangalore, India is a popular option for those struggling with obesity and requiring a surgery to improve their quality of life. It isn’t only the low cost of gastric bypass that draws people in, but also the fantastic level of care, experienced doctors, and unique opportunity to see another part of the world.

Bariatric Surgery World facilitates affordable Gastric Bypass in Bangalore, India. For more information, submit the estimate-request form on the right.