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Gastric Bypass Surgery in New Delhi – India

gastric-bypass-surgery_1Gastric bypass is a bariatric procedure that entails division of stomach to a small upper part and a larger lower part, both of which are re-connected to the small intestine. The cost of the surgery can be extremely exorbitant in the West. Average costs in the US are anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000. In the UK, one will have to shell out up to £15,000 on gastric bypass. We facilitate gastric bypass in New Delhi, the national capital of India, in our network hospitals for prices starting from $8,000.

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Gastric Bypass Explained

  • Gastric bypass aims to reduce excess weight and in turn reduce the risk of obesity-related conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea.
  • This is done through reduction of gastric volume and by allowing for less absorption of nutrients.
  • After this procedure, food literally bypasses major part of the stomach and the small intestine and directly enters the middle portion of the small intestine.
  • A study by Z. Liang and colleagues shows that Roux-en-Y gastric bypass improves cardiovascular health of obese hypertensive Type 2 diabetic patients. This is because of improved metabolism (May 22, 2013 edition of the journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice).
  • Alternative names of gastric bypass:
    • Roux-en-y gastric bypass
    • Roux-en-y bypass surgery
    • RNY surgery
  • Prospective patients should take care of the following –
    • High calorie foods should be replaced with low calorie nutritious food to prevent further weight gain.
    • Carbonated drinks should be avoided.
    • Any medication should be taken strictly under medical supervision.
    • Patients considering affordable gastric bypass surgery in India will be required to fill a medical bariatric questionnaire. This will help in evaluating patient’s eligibility for the surgery.
    • Required pre-operative tests will be conducted once the patient reaches India.
    • The surgeon might suggest a liquid diet for 24-48 hours before the surgery.

Gastric Bypass in Delhi – What We Offer

  • Surgery in hospitals in New Delhi and Gurgaon (a suburb of Delhi located about 30 km away).
  • Pre-screened, leading hospitals that are well equipped with advanced technological equipments.
  • Highly experienced bariatric surgeons having more than 10 years of experience. You can check out his video here.
  • One of our surgeons is certified by the American Board of Surgery and, has a license to practice in the US as well.  He is a specialist in advanced laparoscopic abdominal surgeries, and has contributed numerous articles in renowned international journals.
  • We have a DNS, FRCS (England) certified bariatric surgeon in our network, who is a gold medalist in MBBS, and has done fellowships from England, USA, and France.
  • A qualified bariatric surgeon, famous for his innovations, is also associated with us.  A video of his has been among the 10 Best Videos, selected by the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeon (SAGES), Las Vegas, USA. This video is currently in SAGES Education video library (a renowned library) in America.

Our Network Hospitals in New Delhi

Hospital 1

  • NABH accredited
  • World-class healthcare facility, with internationally renowned faculty
  • Specializes in bariatric and minimally invasive surgery, in addition to a host of other specialties
  • The bariatric surgeons
    • Specialize in general laparoscopic surgery
    • Have authored a number of publications and research papers
    • Have been actively involved with many seminars, workshops, conferences throughout the country and abroad

Hospital 2

  • Counted among India’s largest multi-super specialty institutes
  • It is a massive, reputed hospital, having a research center, medical and nursing school in its facility
  • Lead surgeon is certified by the American Board of Surgery and has performed hundreds of bariatric surgeries

Hospital 3:

  • Internationally reputed hospital committed to excellence and quality
  • It has a team of well-trained and experienced surgeons, nurses, technicians, and healthcare professionals
  • The lead doctor is a renowned laparoscopic surgeon who has performed over 13,000 minimally invasive surgeriespatient-room-of-our-network-hospital-in-new-delhi-for-gastric-bypass


Preparing for Your Medical Trip

  • Understanding the procedure, its requirements and risks are important for a successful surgery. This will also help in setting appropriate weight loss expectations.
  • It is advisable for the patients to learn as much as possible about the surgery.
  • Interacting with patients who have already undergone gastric bypass surgery will be helpful.
  • Patients from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia require both passport and visa.

Airport with airport code: Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). (We provide assistance with flight booking and hotel booking.)

Why Choose Delhi for Your Surgery?

  • Substantial savings; you save almost 70% over the American prices
  • English-speaking medical staff
  • Joint Commission International (JCI) and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) accredited state-of-the-art private hospitals and diagnostic facilities
  • Easy accessibility, as the national capital is serviced by the Indira Gandhi International Airport; getting around the city is easy too as the city is well-connected with a metro-rail system

Gastric bypass is a life-altering surgery as it helps people struggling to shed those excessive pounds off through dieting and exercising. And choosing New Delhi for your surgery gives you the perks of enjoying substantial cost savings without compromising on quality of care. We at Bariatric Surgery World would like to help you embark on your weight loss journey via gastric bypass bariatric surgery.

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