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Gastric Plication in Mumbai

Gastric Plication for Overweight and ObeseMaintaining a slim, athletic figure is not only a passport to a healthy living but also bolsters self confidence. However, some people fail to lose weight through traditional means such as dietary controls and exercising.

Many of them seek efficient methods for losing weight in a fast and affordable way and resort to non-standard options such as gastric plication in Mumbai and other leading medical tourism destinations of India to achieve their desired results. Gastric plication in India has a number of takers primarily due to reasonable costs and the opportunity for an exotic escape that can be combined with undergoing this weight loss surgery in India.

Gastric Plication Procedure

  • Gastric plication procedure involves the reduction of the stomach capacity by converting the stomach into a tubular shape with the help of medical staples.
  • The bigger bend of the stomach is then sleeved into its inner side with the use of sutures.
  • The result is a reduced stomach size by 60-80%, which in turn suppresses the intake of large food amounts.
  • Gastric plication forums provide additional information on the basis of real personal experiences of those who underwent the bariatric surgery.

Some of the advantages of gastric sleeve plication are as follows:

  • The gastric volume can be restored by removal of the sutures, if needed.
  • The nutritional ability of the stomach remains unaffected.
  • Gastric sleeve plication does not cause food intolerances.
  • Patients opting for Gastric Sleeve Plication have reported satisfactory weight management results and have demonstrated fewer complications than patients who have undergone other bariatric procedures. Going through information available on gastric plication vs. gastric sleeve on credible websites on the Internet will better help prospective patients choose the procedure that suits them well.
  • As per the study Laparoscopic Gastric Plication: a new surgery for the treatment of morbid obesity by Gebelli, Gordejuela A, Badía A, et al., published in the Cirugia Espanola in June-July 2011 edition, it is a novel surgical bariatric surgery that gives weight loss results similar to those given by vertical sleeve gastrectomy in the short run.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Gastric Plication in Mumbai, India

  • Gastric plication cost in India is a major lure for the numerous visitors coming from the United States, Canada, and Europe. One can avail discounted weight loss surgery in India.
  • The affordability of the medical costs, combined with the lower cost of living in India, appeals strongly to the seekers of economical medical solutions and those who don’t enjoy the benefits of a health insurance provider in their native country.
  • Gastric imbrication surgery in Mumbai is turning into a common medical solution for those interested in efficient yet easy on the pocket obesity surgery options.
  • The expertise of Mumbai’s bariatric surgeons, many of whom have graduated from top international institutions, is reflected in numerous gastric sleeve success stories in India. The expertise of obesity surgeons in India in treating patients from all corners of the globe is a major draw among offshore patients.
  • Gateway of India - MumbaiIndia is home to numerous modern hospitals that are fully equipped with sophisticated technologies. Patients willing to undergo gastric plication in Mumbai will be glad to find a plethora of reputable hospitals there. Get in touch with Bariatric Surgery World for more details.
  • They are staffed with English-speaking experts which makes the cultural transition smoother.
  • More than sixteen Joint Commission-accredited institutions are present in India.
  • Patients interested in gastric imbrication in Mumbai can take advantage of India’s various sight-seeing spots and immerse in a refreshing cultural experience.

Tips for Those Considering Gastric Imbrication in Mumbai

  • Besides gastric plication cost in India, you must also factor in your travel and lodging costs.
  • Before making travel arrangements, make sure you have all the necessary documentation for entry into the country.
  • Take into consideration all risks and precautions related to your adaptation into the Indian culture.
  • Research well on the weight loss surgeons and hospitals in India.
  • Do not make low cost the sole criterion for appraising hospitals in Mumbai.

Opting for laparoscopic gastric plication in Mumbai can be a worthwhile alternative for those living in the US as the procedure is not yet approved by the American FDA. Gastric plication complications such as bleeding and reaction to anesthesia may be rarely observed. Unfortunately, considerable scientific data is not available because the method is new. Hence, it will be prudent to undergo gastric plication by Indian obesity surgeons who have adequate prior experience of conducting the procedure.

Bariatric Surgery World facilitates affordable gastric plication in Mumbai, India. For more information, submit the estimate–request form on the right.