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Gastric Sleeve in Amman – Jordan

Gastric Sleeve in JordanObtaining a gastric sleeve in Jordan may provide an affordable and effective route to ridding your body of excess fat and losing weight.

For those pursuing weight loss surgery in Jordan, there are numerous benefits associated with traveling to this small, Middle Eastern Country, not least the high quality of patient care and state of the art facilities.

The soaring cost of medical treatment in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada and Australia has left many people seeking alternative options. Thus, the medical tourism industry is booming and, for countries such as Jordan, this has led to increased investment in healthcare provisions.

Obesity is on the increase in the developed world and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) estimated that over two thirds of adults are overweight or obese in the USA (2003-2008). The consequences of obesity can be dire and include increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, various cancers, high blood pressure and stroke. Therefore, obtaining surgery to ablate the effects of obesity is becoming a popular trend.

Sleeve Gastrectomy (also known as VSG, partial gastrectomy, tube gastrectomy or gastric sleeve resection) significantly reduces the size of the stomach ultimately resulting in weight loss. Such surgeries are prohibitively expensive in affluent countries and therefore gastric sleeve surgery in Jordan may represent an affordable alternative.

Benefits of VSG in Amman, Jordan

For those looking for an affordable weight loss solution, traveling to Jordan can be advantageous because:

  • Jordan has invested significantly in its healthcare services in recent years and has appointed a Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) to monitor standards domestically. Moreover, the Joint Commission International (JCI) has accredited 11 Jordanian hospitals for their global excellence.
  • Splendid Sand Dunes in JordanThe cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Jordan is significantly lower than noted in many developed countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and many European nations.
  • The price differential is not due to a decline in standards however as the cost of living in Jordan is significantly lower than that seen in many first world countries. These savings are passed onto the patient and, even when travel and accommodation costs are taken into consideration, they end up making substantial savings.
  • We work with several highly reputable medical facilities in Jordan, many of which boast of internally renowned doctors who have completed training abroad. Hospital staff is generally friendly, polite and professional.
  • Traveling to Jordan means that you can organize your surgery according to your own schedule. Waiting lists are usually short and every effort is made to accommodate your requirements.

Considerations for Sleeve Surgery in Jordan

  • The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers recommendations for travel to Jordan including making sure you have all of the requisite vaccinations prior to your trip. They also suggest packing insect spray with DEET and drinking bottled or boiled water.
  • Once you’ve had your stomach sleeve in Jordan it’s important to take care of yourself. You must discuss with your doctor and strictly follow the diet recommendations after gastric sleeve surgery, for better results.
  • It is a good idea to research online about the medical facility you are interested in using. This gives you the opportunity to check that it matches your expectations and requirements.
  • Factor recovery time into your trip. Your physician should be able to give you an accurate depiction of how long recuperation will take.
  • Jordan is located in the Middle East, close to Saudi Arabia, and is easily accessible by air. Low cost flights are available from many places including the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Check with the respective consulate for information regarding VISAs and passports.
  • Although Arabic is the official language of Jordan, English is widely spoken in many hospitals and tourist areas. Therefore, communication shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Although the Kingdom of Jordan is a relatively conservative country, tourism is a huge industry with some 10 million people visiting in 2010. Many medical tourists take the opportunity to visit Jordan following their surgery and it’s easy to see why. Jordan comprises many cities of historic beauty and interest including Petra, Jaresh, Amman and Aqaba. You can even take a trip to the Dead Sea for a luxurious, mineral rich soak – just like Queen Cleopatra!

Gastric sleeve in Jordan can offer excellence of healthcare and state of the art medical facilities at an affordable price for those seeking low cost yet high-quality bariatric surgery.

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