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India’s Bariatric Surgeon Talks Sleeve Gastrectomy & Gastric Bypass

Weight loss surgeon from India explains the difference between sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery, commonly known as roux-en-y gastric bypass, involves refashioning the size of the stomach. It limits the food intake and the individual feels full after eating a small meal. It is a malabsorptive and an irreversible procedure.

Sleeve Gastrectomy, also known as gastric sleeve surgery, involves the surgical removal of a large part of the stomach and involves no food malabsorption.

The bariatric surgeon in above shown weight loss video talks about the difference between the two. Following is the video narration.

“We are doing all three kinds of mostly done procedures – Gastric Banding, Sleeve Gastrectomy and the Gastric Bypasses.

Selection for a particular Bariatric Procedure: It basically depends on the BMI. Like the patients who have got, I mean BMI more than 45, then those patients I would rather prefer for gastric bypass procedures. But the sleeve Gastrectomy is also another very good option of the BMI is more than 40.

Difference between Sleeve Gastrectomy & Gastric Bypass: Sleeve Gastrectomy is basically a restrictive procedure. In this, we just decrease the capacity of stomach. In Gastric Bypass surgery, we reduce the capacity of stomach as well as we add a mal absorptive procedure so that there is malabsorption of food we are taking in. Less nutrients are being absorbed so that less calories goes into the body.

Success rates of bariatric surgeries: I have been associated with Sleeve Gastrectomy. I have not done it myself but I have been associated with sleeve gastrectomies. Sleeve Gastrectomy is the safest procedure. Gastric Bypass is a more complicated procedure as compared to sleeve Gastrectomy and carries more mortality and morbidity than sleeve Gastrectomy.

But the overall mortality is very less with bariatric procedure whether it is gastric banding, sleeve Gastrectomy or gastric bypass. The complication rate and mortality is slightly more in gastric bypass procedures as compared to sleeve Gastrectomy.”

According to the surgeon, BMI of a person helps a lot in settling onto the type of bariatric surgery for an individual. He also quotes an example saying that  for people with BMI over 45, gastric bypass is preferred and for those having BMI over 40, sleeve gastrectomy is the preferred weight loss option.

The surgeon differentiates between sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery saying that gastric bypass is a mal absorptive procedure, while gastric sleeve is not. He considers sleeve gastrectomy safer than gastric bypass surgery due to low mortality and morbidity rate involved.

Along with India, Mexico is also known for the quality healthcare and affordable prices. Lap band, intra gastric balloon, duodenal switch, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, is offered at low prices when compared to countries like US, UK and Australia.

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