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India’s Obesity Surgeon talks about Stomach Plication

Leading obesity surgeon from India talks about the latest procedure in surgical weight loss – stomach plication.

Stomach plication surgery or gastric plication surgery is performed via a laparoscope and therefore, it is also known as laparoscopic stomach plication or gastric plication. Unlike gastric sleeve surgery, major part of the stomach is not removed in stomach plication. Layers of the stomach are folded inwards and stitched accordingly. It is a reversible surgery and involves comparatively lesser risk as compared to other bariatric procedures like gastric sleeve surgery, gastric banding and duodenal switch.

In the above video, Indian obesity surgeon explains plication of the stomach. Following is the video narration.

“Our team has a huge experience in abdominal surgeries mainly as I have said Bariatric surgery and abdominal cancer surgery. When we say abdominal cancer surgeries, what we mean is cancer of stomach, cancer of rectum, cancer of food pipe, cancer of pancreas and as you know the problem of morbid obesity is increasing very rapidly across the world and bariatric surgery which is weight loss surgery is the only curative treatment available for these kinds of patients.

There are various kinds of bariatric surgeries available today and the latest one being sleeve gastrectomy and plication of the stomach. These are some of the surgeries available around the world and we provide these surgeries at world class level but at much lower cost than the west.

The new surgery in our mentorium is Gastric Plication surgery. What we do in this surgery – rather than cutting the stomach, that’s what we do in sleeve Gastrectomy, we plicate the stomach into different layers and make the stomach of a smaller size without cutting it. So the risk of anastomotic leakage as well as suture line bleeding is almost negligible in this new form of Plication surgery.

India is now increasingly becoming a hub for medical tourism. We see patients from across the world but the more numbers I see is from United States of America, Middle East countries and lot of patients come from African countries like Nigeria, Congo, Fiji, Kenya.

We are getting increasing number of patients from African countries as well now.

I would say that our team is very fortunate that we have received lots of appreciations from the patients who come from abroad because of the kind of care we provide apart from giving them the world class healthcare.

The personalized care which makes us different from other institutions and other countries at a low cost. I would say that is our USP.”

The surgeon’s team specializes in bariatric and abdominal cancer surgeries including newly introduced sleeve gastrectomy and stomach plication. Many people from the Middle-East, US, Nigeria, Congo, Fiji, Kenya and other countries have been treated by the surgeon.

Other bariatric procedures performed by the surgeon are gastric sleeve surgery, gastric banding, duodenal switch and intra gastric balloon.

Given the low cost of stomach plication, gastric bypass surgery, lap band and gastric sleeve surgery in India, it is a hit among people  seeking bariatric procedures.


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