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Intragastric Balloon in Bangalore, India

Intragastric BalloonIntragastric balloon (IGB) surgery in Bangalore, India, is a low cost option for weight loss surgery that may help remove those extra inches from your belly and assist you in getting a body you always wanted, without giving you a medical bill that is atrocious!

Obesity is a bane that affects a large number of people throughout the world, and prevents them for leading happy, fulfilling lives. Unlike other forms of weight loss surgeries, intragastric balloon surgery is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical aid in the treatment of obesity.

It involves the placement of a deflated, soft silicon balloon inside the stomach of a patient, which, when inflated, decreases the gastric space.

As a result of decreased gastric space, the intake of food is reduced and this leads to weight loss. This surgery is preferred for patients with very high BMI because it helps them reach a weight at which it is safe to perform other surgical procedures on them. In Bangalore, India, one can avail FDA-approved intragastric balloon surgery at affordable prices, in reputed hospitals.

Why Opt for Stomach Balloon Weight Loss Surgery in Bangalore?

  • Cost-effective treatment: The cost of intragastric balloon in Bangalore is a fraction of what one pays for the same procedure in the US, Canada or the UK. The cost-advantage is a big reason why patients from all over the world select India as a medical tourism destination.
  • Qualified doctors: Whether going in for a gastric bypass surgery in Bangalore, or sleeve gastrectomy, or IGBs in Bangalore, it will be beneficial to note that most of the doctors in our network who perform these procedures in India are well-qualified, and have years of experience dealing with foreign patients. Moreover, the volume of patients they tackle makes them even more adept at their job.
  • Well-equipped hospitals and trained staff: Most of the equipment used in our network hospitals in India matches international standards. Apart from that, the well-trained, English-speaking staff negates any linguistic impediments.
  • A plethora of sightseeing options: India has something to offer to every traveler: from trekking in the Himalayas, to a visit to the opulent palaces of Rajasthan, to the wildlife reserves, to the many handicrafts, to the unending customs—the list refuses to end!

It is recommended that you do a thorough search at a personal level about the merits and demerits of traveling to India for stomach surgery, before you choose to pack your bags.

Intragastric Balloon Complications

Bangalore Palace and GardensAlthough this is a relatively safe procedure, it will be wise of you to know about the possible complications and risks involved before you decide to fly to Bangalore for an intragastric balloon surgery.

  • In the first few days after the surgery, it is quite common for the patient to suffer from nausea, vomiting or gastric discomfort.
  • In some cases, patients have also reported heaviness in the abdominal area, abdominal pain and back pain.
  • Indigestion has also been reported by some patient in days following the procedure.
  • There is a risk involved with the balloon rupturing inside the stomach, although it has its basis more in theory than in practice since such cases have rarely been reported. Even if the balloon ruptures inside the stomach, it has greater chances of coming out of the body through the natural process, than blocking the bowel.

Traveling to Bangalore for Intragastric Balloon Surgery?

Once you make up your mind to get your gastric balloon surgery in India, you may start researching about other things you can do while you’re there. Below is a list of places you may include in your itinerary:

  • The Lal Bagh—a botanical garden spread over 240 acres— is a veritable treasure house of over 1000 flora species.
  • The Bangalore Palace—sometimes called a replica of the Windsor Castle in England—is also a popular tourist attraction.
  • Take in the royal magnificence of the Mysore Palace, which is the second most visited place in India after the Taj Mahal.
  • If you can manage time, a quick trip to the Taj Mahal at Agra is also possible.
  • The group of monuments at Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a spectacle of ancient stone architecture, and is not too far from Bangalore.
  • For the adventurous, a chance to spot the royal Bengal tiger at the Bandipur Tiger Reserve is also an allurement.

The money you save on account of low intragastric balloon surgery prices in Bangalore, India may be used to travel around this beautiful, multi-colored and extremely interesting country.

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