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Lap Band Surgery in Belgium

More and more medical tourists across the world are joining Europeans in opting to get weight loss procedures like lap band surgery in Belgium, because of their impressive infrastructure and world-class services.

Weight loss surgery in Belgium is gaining popularity as flocks of tourists are coming from all parts of Europe because of excellent medical facilities and world-class medical infrastructure.

Laparoscopic Gastric Banding in Belgium

By opting for gastric banding in Belgium, one can expect to get the surgery at a lower price in a well-established medical facility. Combine with that the expertise of Belgian bariatric surgeons in minimally-invasive surgery, and you get the reason why many people would choose going to this Western European country for treatment. lap-band-surgery-tools

The surgery involves placement of an adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach in order to decrease its size. This results in a decrease in appetite and weight loss.  The band is also connected to a port embedded in the abdominal skin, through which saline fills can be injected during subsequent visits to adjust the band, and further decrease the stomach’s size as time goes by.

In addition to lap band, we also offer gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery in Belgium.

Advantages of Getting Lap Band in Begium

Gastric banding procedures in the US, UK, Canada, and other European countries can be much too expensive for anyone who has to pay for the treatment out of his pocket. However, our network hospital offers competitive lap band prices in Belgium, and even after factoring the travel costs, you’d be able to save of your medical bills.

Many-a-times bariatric surgeries are surgeries are not covered by medical insurance and those suffering from obesity sometimes choose to stay with it because they cannot afford to upset the yearly budget for getting back in health.

Besides the cost advantage, other reasons why people opt to get gastric banding in Belgium are:

  • English speaking surgeons and medical staff
  • Hospital facilities are modern and are regularly updated to suit the latest trends in the medicine
  • Belgian bariatric surgeons travel across Europe for training, seminars, and workshops, and some have  trained in North America
  • There is a wide array of tourist activities and beautiful spots visitors can try while in the country


Tips for People Seeking Lap Band Belgium

  • Ensure that you know the qualifications of the doctors and hospitals you are working with.
  • Look up online the feedback of other patients so you can see what their experiences are with gastric banding in Belgium, and be guided with these comments.
  • Research on the Belgium tourist spots around the area of the hospital and hotel so you can visit them if you get a chance.
  • Tell your facilitator to include in your itinerary some time for tourist activities while in the country, so they can incorporate this into your schedules.

Getting a minimally invasive surgery like lap band in Belgium means you will be able to do non-stressful and relaxing activities even post-surgery. Of course, it is advisable to coordinate with your surgeon to make sure he approves of all your planned activities.

Bariatric Surgery World facilitates low cost Lap Band Surgery in Belgium. Please fill the quote request form on the right for more details.