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Lap Band Surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Weight loss surgery is a serious decision, and various factors such as type of surgery, price, and credibility of the surgeon have to be considered carefully before opting for one. Surgical options are usually recommended for people, who have failed in their non-surgical weight loss efforts. Lap Band Surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is one good option for people looking for quality bariatric treatments at affordable prices.

People considering Mexico for bariatric surgery can also opt for affordable gastric sleeve surgery in Ciudad Juarez.

Cost: Please contact us for the latest updates in prices.

Alternate names: Gastric banding, adjustable gastric banding surgery, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB)

About Lap Band Surgery

  • A restrictive form of surgery i.e. it restricts the amount of food consumed by the patient.
  • In this procedure, a silicone band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach, thereby dividing it into two parts. lap-band
  • The upper portion acts as new stomach. It holds significantly less amount of food as compared to the normal stomach.
  • The band controls the movement of food from upper to the lower part.
  • The band is connected to an access port that is placed under the patient’s skin.
  • Diameter of band can be adjusted by adding or removing saline water in the access port.
  • According to a report named “Comparative study between laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding and laparoscopic gastric bypass”, published in February 2007 issue of ‘Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases’ magazine, lap band surgery results in significantly fewer complications, shorter operative times, and shorter hospital stays when compared with roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery.

Indications for Gastric Band Surgery

  • Recommended for severely obese patients with BMI at least 40 and above.
  • Patients having BMI 35-40 may be accepted if they are suffering from serious obesity related diseases.
  • Many surgeons accept patients with BMI less than 35 as well.
  • Surgery should be considered only if the patient has tried but failed the conventional weight reduction methods like exercise and diet.
  • A complete evaluation of the patients’ health is required to analyze their eligibility for the surgery.
  • Age, health, pregnancy, dependency on alcohol and tobacco, etc., are some of the deciding factors for adjustable gastric banding surgery.

Preparations for LAGB Surgery – Ciudad Juarez

Before you prepare to start for your lap band surgery in Ciudad Juarez, you must discuss about any pre-operative changes to lifestyle that must me made. The doctors usually recommend:

  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol has to be discontinued.
  • Physical and breathing exercises are recommended. This will be helpful in losing some extra weight before the surgery.
  • Patients are advised not to take any medicine without surgeon’s approval.
  • Low calorie food should be preferred over calorie-laden food.


Travel Tips for Ciudad Juarez

  • Abraham Gonzalez International Airport (CJS) is the airport of Juarez. US tourists usually prefer to fly to El Paso International Airport (ELP) and take a ride from there.
  • Entry requirements: Citizens of USA do not require passport and visa while entering Ciudad Juarez. However, while returning to US, a valid passport is required. USA tourists should therefore, carry their valid passport with them. If you are from any other country, please contact us.
  • We advise medical tourists to carry a photo-identity proof with them while traveling to Mexico for gastric banding surgery.

Apart from lap band surgery in Ciudad Juarez, we offer other weight loss surgery procedures in other Mexican cities such as Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Mexicali, Monterrey, and Hermosillo. We have networked with renowned healthcare providers to offer quality treatment to people who are looking for affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico .