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Gastric Band Success Story – Tijuana, Mexico


About Mexico: I was a little nervous just because I didn’t know their medical profession was regulated and working in a profession here, pretty much I am comfortable with things that are done here. However, when I went there and I mean I was also nervous about going to foreign country that I didn’t speak the language, so when I got there , I was put in touch with someone who did speak the language pretty well and he kind of helped me through the whole process .

He was I think the physician’s assistant – was surgeon’s assistant. So I didn’t had too much trouble communicating.

Hospital in Mexico: When I got there, I was a little surprised because it was much more low key than our typical hospital settings are. When they checked me and they took me up upstairs, the lighting was very low, it was very very quite. It was more like an office building almost than it was a hospital setting, was very calm, very tranquil. It’s not that hostile, quite sterile environment you think of here in United States. It was very clean.

I mean everything was very good except I had to figure out how to keep the air conditioning on because I went in the summer so it was very hot and it took me a while to figure how to keep the air conditioning on. That was fine.

And there was a couch in the room so that the person that were with me had somewhere to sit and rest. I think there was a recliner also. But the rooms were very clean. They had everything they need and the service was really good. I pushed the button there were people there immediately to help me. May have had a little bit of communication problem a couple of times but they figured it out good real quick.