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Lap Band Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico – Testimonial Part- 3

Patient Feedback: I am very satisfied. I would do it again. I am very satisfied with the surgery I had. I might have chosen with a little more investigation and chose the sleeve instead of the Lap Band but I didn’t know enough about it back then but I am pleased with my lap band.

It’s been, I had it, it’s been about 6 months and I have lost 67 pounds and I found, very easily found a physician here that does the fills and She is open on the weekend so that works well for me and she is very much encouraging and she seems to and her philosophy is that she is not just going to get you into the obese category, which a lot of physicians stop when they just get you into the, what’s considered obese or but rather than grossly obese, what she does is that she said that her expectations are that I will get within the normal range. It may take me another six months but that’s okay.

Journey Experience: Once I decided that I was going to make that move, I acted pretty quick. I did my research. I actually started researching a little bit and I contacted couple of companies. Doctor was very very good.

Pleasant things to say about him – he was very pleasant, he was very supportive, very encouraging and did a lot of talking to you afterwards and stuff. I think once I did the research and made my mind to do it, I acted pretty fast.

I probably booked it within 2 weeks and was able to get that scheduled, went there and did it and came back and I don’t have any regrets then may be I should have done it sooner. Money worth than what I got out of it.”