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Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass – Surgeon Interview

Leading bariatric surgeon from India talks about gastric bypass surgery.

In the above shown weight loss video, the surgeon states that patients with BMI between 45 and 60 are preferred for laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. Though this surgery  helps in controlling diabetes and hypertension to a great extent, the surgeon cautions some malabsorptive problems may arise.

Below is the video narration.


“Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass is still considered the gold standard though sleeve is catching up with it but I would still admit and say that laparoscopic gastric bypass is probably the gold standard procedure in Bariatric Surgery. We are routinely doing this procedure.

Now this we reserve it to patients over a BMI of 45 to 60 and also if these patients have got diabetes and hypertension or any other metabolic problems, in the resolution of these problems occurs much faster and has a prolonged effect with a gastric bypass vis-à-vis any other bariatric procedure.

The only problem with gastric bypass is that these patients do have metabolic, since it is a restrictive and a mal-absorptive procedure. These patients will observe some kind of malabsorption especially of Vitamin B12, Iron, Calcium and so they would require these kind of supplements to be taken lifelong but at the same time, the excess weight loss  is very high and this excess weight loss is maintained over a period of time and the results coming in, especially 10 yrs and beyond show that the resolution of metabolic problems as well as the weight loss carries on for 10 yrs and even beyond 10 yrs.

So we would still admit that the bypass is a gold standard procedure. The hospital stay that we keep in our hospital is about 5 days and we expect the patient to be going back their own native country in about 2 weeks time.

We have been getting patients from all over the world and primarily we have been getting patients from lot of middle east countries and Africa but we also get patients from the UK, the US and since the hospital and tertiary care center that we have is offering the best of facilities with multispecialty workup for these patients and having almost all the branches and a very critical care with a very well balanced and large ICU that we have.

So as a result these patients are the bariatric patients especially, we tackle the super obese or with the metabolic problems, then these patients require a multidisciplinary approach which we can offer to them. And as a result these patients are very satisfied once they go off from here and we are able to manage most patients in our center.

Apart from doing bariatric surgeries we are also doing routine laparoscopic procedures, gall bladders, appendix, all kinds of hernia. We follow very simple principle in our institute that all patients having hernia are fit to be done by laparoscopy, so these are the routine procedure that we do.

Apart from that we are doing advanced GI work as well like fundoplications like cysts. We are doing GI malignancies also including gastric cancers, colorectal cancers and pancreatic cancers. So we are doing that as well and apart from that we are also going into robotic GI oncology. I have done cases and the patients have been doing very well.”


Gastric bypass surgery is also known as roux-en-y gastric bypass.  The surgeon explains that malabsorption of vitamin B12, iron and calcium is normally observed after roux-en-y surgery. The weight loss is maintained for a longer period of time which continues even beyond 10 yrs. He recommends a hospital stay of 5 days for the surgery and within 2 weeks one can return home.

The surgeon also specializes in tackling super obese patients with metabolic problems, GI malignancies, appendix and all kinds of hernia. People from many countries like Africa, UK, US and Middle-East have been treated by the surgeon. Other bariatric procedures performed by him are gastric sleeve surgery, lap band and duodenal switch.

Due to an affordable cost of gastric bypass surgery in India, state-of-the-art hospitals and internationally trained doctors, people from different countries plan their weight loss surgery in India.

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