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My Weight Loss Surgery (Las Vegas) – Experience

This is a video testimonial of Alison in which she discusses more about her weight loss surgery (Las Vegas) experience.

Following is the video narration.

“I think one of the things that really helped me especially in my research was finding a forum and you are talking every day and asking questions every day to people who have had the surgery and people who are going through the surgery, at the same time as you.

“And I am now talking to people who are about to have the surgery and letting them know what I have been through. And I will say that everybody’s experience is different. Mine has been phenomenal I think in terms of, my thing was I didn’t want to go through any excess pain and I have had none.

“So I feel very lucky in that area but I think it’s very important to connect with people that have had the experience and can share their experience with you. Even though u get lots of information from your surgeon and dietician, you know people on these sites often say you know …….eating or these are the liquids that I am drinking.

“Protein shake is a big big topic of conversation, many post bariatric patients so in terms of me, I am almost 2 weeks old so I am still on what would be considered liquids which is protein shakes…as much water in you and soup and yogurt basically.

And then in a couple of days I am supposed to try something a bit more textured like scrambled eggs or cottage cheese. It’s going to be interesting but so far I had no issues and I am hoping that continues.”

If someone is not able to lose enough weight after the initial surgery then  revision weight loss procedure in Las Vegas is another viable option. Being in the US, highly skilled surgeons and affordable surgery cost are some of the major reasons for people choosing Las Vegas for their weight loss surgery.

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