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Lap Band Revision to Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Revision surgery may be necessary for patients who have failed the primary weight loss procedure.  A report published in February 2010 issue of ‘Bariatric Times’ magazine states that revision surgery is safe procedure. However, caution must always be exercised and the procedure must be performed by well-trained and skilled surgeons.

Bariatric Surgery World has networked with highly qualified bariatric surgeons to offer revision surgery- lap band to gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.

Cost: Please submit quote request form on right for price estimate.

Alternate names: Lap band revision to vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery, gastric band revision to gastric sleeve surgery, gastric band revision surgery, gastric band revision to vsg.

Revision surgery- lap band to gastric sleeve in Puerto Vallarta and Tijuana are the ones people opt for when they visit Mexico for revision weight loss surgery.

About Revision Gastric Banding Surgery

  • Revision Lap Band Surgery may be considered when the patient is suffering from w-surgery
    • Complications from the primary procedure.
    • Insufficient weight loss that may be due to stretching of the stomach pouch that increases the food intake capacity of the patient.
    • If the unsatisfactory weight loss is due to the patient’s inability to comply with the required dietary and lifestyle changes, surgery will be of no help. The patient will be advised to follow the surgeon’s instructions on diet and exercise for achieving desired results.
    • In this procedure, the band is removed from the patient’s body. The stomach is then sleeved into a tube shape, which is significantly less in capacity than the normal stomach.
    • Complete health evaluation is required.
    • For patients considering revision surgery in Mexico, the evaluation is based on a bariatric questionnaire. Any required tests might be done upon reaching the surgery destination.

Hospitals for Lap Band Revision Surgery in Mexico

  • Hospital 1: Tijuana, Small popular hospital, located at a driving distance from San Diego international airport.
  • Hospital 2: Puerto Vallarta, part of a 30 year old hospital group, has all the required technologies.
  • Hospital 3: Guadalajara: Modern hospital that has certified medical staff.
  • Hospital 4: Mexicali: located near San Diego border.
  • Hospital 5: Ciudad Juarez: part of one of the fastest growing hospital chain in Mexico, have modern medical facilities.

Advantages of Revision Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

  • Cheaper cost of surgery as compared to USA and Canada.
  • No waiting lines.
  • According to a research conducted by University of Arizona on” Medical Tourism from US to Border Region of Mexico” in 2009, Mexico provides quality treatment at a low cost.
  • The research report also states that major private hospitals have advanced technologies that are comparable with the first world countries.
  • Availability of experienced bariatric surgeons. view-of-mexico-city-center

Traveling to Mexico

Important information for people travelling for revision weight loss surgery in Mexico.

  • Entry requirement: citizens of USA and Canada require passport. Visa is not required for a stay up to 180 days.
  • Airports with airport codes:
    • San Diego: San Diego International Airport (SAN)
    • Tijuana: General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport (TIJ) [Most people prefer to fly to San Diego, and reach Tijuana by road from there]
    • Mexicali: General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada International Airport (MXL)
    • Puerto Vallarta: Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR)
    • Guadalajara: Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport (GDL)
    • El Paso: El Paso International Airport: airport code: ELP
    • Ciudad Juarez: Abraham González International Airport (CJS) [Most people prefer to fly to El Paso]
  • Assistance in airline ticket booking can be provided.
  • The required hospital stay for the patient and one accompanying guest is included in the package. Assistance will be provided for finding an affordable accommodation for additional stay.
  • Once the surgery is decided, the individual will be guided through the required preparatory steps.
  • People opting for this surgery are required to continue the diet and exercise program.

Mexico is a popular tourism destination that attracts millions of people throughout the world. Lap band revision to gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico can be combined with a visit to some of the renowned tourist attractions. Tourism related information will be provided if desired by patients and approved by the surgeon.