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Self Pay Vs. Insurance Paid Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Cash-pay Weight Loss SurgerySelf pay vs. Insurance paid Bariatric weight loss surgery has been quite a topic of discussion for people who have been looking forward to weight loss surgery but due to the exorbitant costs related to the surgery, simply delay the decision.

Low cost bariatric surgery can be a dream come true for those especially from the US who cannot afford the surgery in their own country. According to FastStats released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 34 percent of the entire adult population belonging to the age group 20 years and above in the US was obese in 2007-08. In the light of rising obesity rates, the demand for bariatric surgery has been spiraling.

As per the data released by the US Census Bureau in 2008, 46.3 million people were medically uninsured during that year. The rising healthcare costs back home and lack of insurance coverage prompt people to travel to value-for-money medical tourism destinations such as India, Mexico, and Costa Rica for cheaper treatments.

Affordable weight loss surgery options outside the first world nations is a viable solution for obese people who are not very strong financially but desperately looking forward to lose those extra pounds that burden them.

Self Pay and Insurance Paid Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Compared

  • There are many reasons why people choose either insurance paid or self pay weight loss surgery. Both the payment modes have their own repercussions and a patient should carefully analyze both of them.
  • Weight loss surgery in Mexico or India is certainly cheaper than the surgeries in the US or the UK. A patient can conveniently opt for cash pay bariatric surgery in India, Thailand, or Mexico as the costs are more reasonable and pocket friendly.
  • The self pay mode could be risky if the surgery is followed by complications. To curb post surgery problems, the patient might have to worry about additional costs outside his budget.
  • In case of insurance companies, not all cover the different types of bariatric surgeries. For instance, if one wants to go for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico then it is not necessary that the insurance companies he approaches will grant him the money easily.
  • One gets bound by many ways due to the conditions laid by the medical insurance companies. Some companies take six months to review medical requests and sanction the insurance.
  • Weight Loss with Bariatric SurgeryIn case of self pay bariatric weight loss surgery, one has a wider choice. He could decide which country or which hospital to opt for. He is not bound by any conditions and is free to get the surgical procedure from any corner of the world. For example, he has a free will of choosing any hospital and surgeon for lap band surgery in Mumbai or gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas.
  • In case of medical insurance on the other hand, the patient might get bound to the list of hospitals under the insurance company. Most of the companies are connected to a confined list of hospitals and surgeons.
  • Financial help for weight loss surgery in form of medical insurance could be beneficial for many patients but then there are several formalities attached in the insurance process.
  • In the US, the entire cost of the surgery for weight loss is not covered completely by the insurance companies and one might have to pay extra. But surgeries like mini gastric bypass in Puerto Vallarta or gastric bypass in Guadalajara or lap band in Delhi cost significantly lower than in the US and can be self financed.
  • Quite a few reputable hospitals in India and Mexico offer discount weight loss surgeries. Get in touch with Bariatric Surgery World for more information on hospitals providing discounted obesity surgeries.

Medical Loans for Weight Loss Surgery

  • Medical loans for weight loss surgery are also available.
  • These can be divided into two categories: secured medical loans and unsecured medical loans.
  • Secured loans come with the advantage of lower interest rates, longer loan term, and bigger amount than in the case of unsecured loans.
  • Medical loans are beneficial for those who are either uninsured or underinsured.

A comparative analysis of self pay vs. insurance paid bariatric weight loss surgery can help interested patients zero down on the one that suits them the best.

Bariatric Surgery World facilitates affordable weight loss surgery in  Mexico, India, Costa Rica, Belgium, and Jordan. For more information, submit the estimate–request form on the right.