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Sleeve Gastrectomy in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – What You Need to Know Before the Trip

Gastric sleeve in Puerto Vallarta People battling with chronic obesity and without sufficient resources to pay for bariatric surgery in their native countries, are finding sleeve gastrectomy in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico an increasingly viable option.

More and more foreigners are seeking sleeve weight loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, drawn by its state of the art hospitals, skilled medical personnel and abundant options to choose from for getting discounted obesity surgeries.

As per a report by Horowitz, Rosensweig and Jones, as many as 750,000 Americans opted for medical treatment abroad in 2007. These numbers are on the rise and many Americans are heading to their neighboring country for availing value-for-money medical treatments in Mexico.

Cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy – $5,500 (includes stay of 1 night in the hospital and 1 night in the hotel)

Some of the other affordable weight loss surgeries in Mexico:

About Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is a bariatric procedure whereby the stomach is reduced to 25% of its original size. It is suitable for patients:

  • With very high body mass index (BMI) of 60 or above, in whom other bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric bypass and duodenal switch are contraindicated.
  • Who are skeptical about living with a foreign body inside them which is mandatory in gastric banding.


  • Popular Cafe in Puerto VallartaThe surgery is performed laparoscopically under general anesthesia and may take 3-4 hours to complete.
  • Three to four small incisions are made in the abdomen through which a camera and small instruments are passed.
  • A large part of the stomach is removed following the greater curve and its size after surgery is approximately 15ml.
  • The open ends are joined together by surgical staples and result in the formation of a sleeve or banana shaped tube.

Other names for sleeve gastrectomy – Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy,Vertical Gastrectomy, Greater Curvature Gastrectomy, Parietal Gastrectomy, Gastric Reduction, Longitudinal Gastrectomy and Vertical Gastroplasty.

Highlights of Sleeve Gastrectomy in Puerto Vallarta

Sleeve gastrectomy surgeries in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are carried out by the leading hospitals in the city.

  • Hospitals are equipped with state of the art medical technology.
  • Puerto Vallarta hospital rooms offer basic amenities like air conditioners and satellite television, wi-fi internet service and telephones allowing international calls.
  • They also have provisions for one member of the family to stay with the patient for 24 hours.
  • The Mexican resort city offers affordable sleeve gastrectomy at the hands of highly qualified bariatric surgeons, many of whom have received their training from leading global medical schools.
  • There is a low doctor-to- patient ratio in Mexico.
  • Most of the hospital staff is bilingual and fluent in English. Translators are provided by the hospitals as and when required by the patients.
  • Also, the cost of vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Mexican hospitals is estimated to be 60-70% less than that in America and other first world countries.

Traveling for a Gastric Sleeve

Mexico’s chief advantage is its location. Flights from the US and Canada are inexpensive and short. People living in San Diego and Texas can even drive up to Mexico for laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy, making the entire procedure simple and convenient. There are a number of flights which connect Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City and the duration of the journey falls to less than 2 hours.
Flight Times from USA and Canada to Mexico

New York City 4.5 hours
Washington DC 4 hours
San Francisco 4 hours
Toronto 4 hours
Montreal 5 hours
Vancouver 5 hours
  • Airfares to Mexico are relatively high during the holiday season and in March end, April beginning and mid June through August.
  • Midweek flights are cheaper than the weekend ones, but are also more crowded.
  • Roundtrip tickets are cheaper than the open return or open jaw tickets.

Other Travel-related Useful Info

Medical tourists should reflect on the risk reduction tips for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico and keep the following in mind while traveling to Puerto Vallarta for sleeve gastrectomy:

  • The US embassy is situated in Mexico City and has consulates in the major cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana, etc.
  • Puerto Vallarta - MexicoUS citizens do not require a visa for a stay of up to 72 hours in the ‘border zone’ and may enter by showing their passports as proof.
  • The ‘border zone’ refers to an area within 20-30kms of the US border depending on the location.
  • Those American citizens who wish to travel beyond the border zone for VSG will have to pay a fee and obtain a tourist card, known as an FMM from any of the Mexican consulates.
  • The fee for this tourist card is often included in the fare for the plane tickets.
  • The FMM is to be returned at the Mexican Immigration check point on departure from the country.
  • Public transport in PVR is excellent and it is possible to get around the city by renting cars, hiring taxis and by trains.

Tourist Attractions in Puerto Vallarta

Not only is the cost of vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico a fraction of its value in America, it also leaves the medical tourists with sufficient resources to enjoy a holiday in this vibrant country. Some of the major tourist attractions here are as follows:

  • Hiking, skydiving, jungle safari in the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains.
  • Seasonal whale watching around the coastline in Banderas Bay.
  • Scuba diving, snorkeling, waterskiing and deep-sea fishing at the famous Vallarta beaches.
  • Watching traditional Mexican bullfighting at the Plaza de Toros.
  • Visiting the city’s tequila factory.
  • At the Vallarta Adventures dolphin centre, it is also possible to swim with dolphins.

Tips for Medical Tourists Seeking Gastric Sleeve

Getting a gastric sleeve in Vallarta could be relatively simple, yet medical tourists to Mexico must take the following precautions to ensure that their stay is pleasant and uneventful.

  • The Mexican Constitution prohibits political activities by foreigners, an offence which is punishable by the law.
  • Beware of counterfeit and pirated goods which are widely available in the country.
  • Travelers are advised to keep their valuables in the hotel safes as and when provided and avoid carrying them while stepping out in the crowded places.

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