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Vegas Bariatric Expert Confers Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Recovery Time

Weight loss surgeon talks about recovery time involved in gastric sleeve surgery, Las Vegas.


Sleeve Gastrectomy includes the removal of a large section of the stomach. The remaining section of stomach is stapled. It restricts the intake of food and hence, boosts weight loss. Simultaneously, it aids in the improvement of other medical conditions like high blood pressure, sleep apnea and type-2 diabetes.

In the above weight loss video,  the surgeon discusses the recovery time involved in sleeve gastrectomy or vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Following is the video narration.

“The surgery is typically less than an hour. The patients are in the recovering room for about two and a half hours or so. They go either to their room in the hospital or go home, hotel if they are travelling abroad. And the recovery is very quick. Usually the day surgery is, waking up from the anesthesia, it’s important that patients know the day of surgery, the walking ,talking or drinking and doing all normal activities.

By the next day, patients are typically well enough to run a few ….. And do things. And you can take a shower the next day. A lot of folks take pain medicine only for couple of days so by end of two or three days, you are off narcotics or pain medicines and you are back to regular duties. You are taking a shower everyday and you are doing normal activities at home. So recovery is very quick.

It is surgery, the first day of anesthesia is not fun obviously but the recovery is very quick. It’s not like knee surgery for example where people are in pain for long time, in bed for long time. It’s not like that at all. People are up and normal to stuff quickly. It’s not uncommon I see patients operated on Friday’s; I see them in clinic on Monday mornings. They usually get the sparkle back in their eyes and they are able to travel home. So, recovery is very quick.”

According to the surgeon from Las Vegas, US, gastric sleeve surgery takes less than an hour. Two and a half hours after surgery, one can return to their hotel or hospital room . Recovery is quick. A person resumes activities like taking a shower, walking normally and fairly running also, within a day after laparoscopic or lap sleeve gastrectomy. Some people take pain killers for two or three days and come back to their regular activities soon. Unlike gastric band surgery, no foreign object is placed in the body.

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