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My Gastric Sleeve Story – Guadalajara, Mexico

This video testimonial is of Danice from Texas talks about her story of gastric sleeve surgery in Guadalajara (Mexico). Following is the video narration. “My name is … and I am from … Texas and I came to have the gastric sleeve. Texas – it’s about….thousand dollars vs forty five hundred here. I have … partial […]

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Gastric Plication vs Gastric Sleeve

Every person who is desperate to lose excess weight and is scouting for a safe and effective bariatric or weight loss procedure has to weigh their pros and cons of them. A thorough appraisal of Gastric Plication Vs Gastric Sleeve, two of the most popular bariatric procedures, can help people decide on which of the […]

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India’s Bariatric Surgeon Talks Sleeve Gastrectomy & Gastric Bypass

Weight loss surgeon from India explains the difference between sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery, commonly known as roux-en-y gastric bypass, involves refashioning the size of the stomach. It limits the food intake and the individual feels full after eating a small meal. It is a malabsorptive and an irreversible procedure. Sleeve […]

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Las Vegas Surgeon’s Sight on Stomach Plication & Sleeve Gastrectomy

Weight loss surgeon from Las Vegas, US distinguishes between sleeve gastrectomy, and the latest procedure in surgical weight loss – plication of the stomach.   Sleeve gastrectomy and gastric plication surgery, both entail the reduction of stomach size and are performed laparoscopically. Lap sleeve involves the cutting of a large section of the stomach, whereas […]

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