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Vegas Surgeon’s views on Sleeve Gastrectomy vs Lap Band Surgery

Experienced bariatric surgeon from Las Vegas explains how the type of weight loss surgery – sleeve gastrectomy or lap band, is decided for an individual.


According to the surgeon, no set of rules are followed for choosing the type of bariatric surgery. Before deciding on the type of surgery, an individual must discuss all related pros and cons with the surgeon. After discussing all the information associated with a weight loss surgery, it becomes easier to decide between the available choices.

Shown above is a weight loss video in which the surgeon discusses about how he chooses a surgery for an individual.

Below is the video narration.

“Well choosing a surgery is very difficult. We don’t have in our profession a guide book. I wish I can look it up and say you can have a band, we don’t have it. We have to go on patient comfort and what they are comfortable with. So what I try to do with patients is simply tell them about the operations, tell them the pros and the cons, because they all have them.

For the band and for the sleeve, what clicks with somebody, what’s comfortable. The band is a nice operation, reasons I chose the band are because it’s the safest surgery I can do for my patients and as a surgeon that’s always my first priority. It’s the safest surgery I can do, it’s reversible and it’s adjustable. So these are all options and are strong and safe for my patients and allow me a good night rest as well.

The sleeve is a little more aggressive of the surgery but the benefits are definitely there and sleeve is actually cutting things away for the first time. What we are getting is not only restriction but also some hormonal changes as well. So the weight loss is little bit stronger than sleeve. The weight loss may even be as good as bypass or the sleeve. So, it’s hard to choose between them and it’s just up for the patients what’s comfortable and what clicks. Some people for example want to have the safest surgery which is understandable, wants a lap band.

Another person feels like they have to have the strongest surgery available but still want to be safe, it can be a sleeve. Another person might not want a foreign body inside of them – the lap band is a foreign body which is meant to stay in there for the life of the patient. So that again is the sleeve.

There are various reasons for choosing. It’s important the patients are comfortable, it’s important that they know whatever reasons they have are good reasons. There are no bad reasons in choosing these operations after you talk to their surgeon.”

The surgeon states some pros and cons of vertical sleeve gastrectomy and gastric banding surgery. According to the surgeon, after discussing these facts, the choice is left with the person to decide from the two.

Due to reversible and adjustable nature of the gastric band in the lap band surgery, it is considered safer. Weight loss in sleeve gastrectomy is as good as bypass, but it also involves restriction and hormonal changes, so it’s more effective. Hence, an individual can decide between the available options based on comfort and personal choice.

People seeking surgical weight loss, may weigh their options and consider either of lap band surgery and gastric bypass surgery in Las Vegas.  Stomach plication and intra gastric ballooning are other popular surgical weight loss procedures.

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