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Vertical Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico


It’s been exactly 90 days since my surgery and when I went to the doctor and had that alarming visit, my weight was 261 and before, when I went to have surgery, I had been on a liquid diet for 7 days before and I had lost 10 pounds and overall since that doctor’s visit in June, I have lost 51 pounds.

Progress: Absolutely. I did not want to go on another diet. I have been up and down that road too many times and I wanted for me a permanent solution and this surgery and the new life style is something that I can live with the rest of my life. I feel better in a 100 different ways.

Communication: Correspondent was Sheila primarily via email and that was really good because I could print them out and print them with me, I could look back at them. But the emails that I received were very thorough and very articulated and tell me what exactly I needed to do to prepare and exactly what I needed to do at every step of preparation.

Then I flew to San Diego, the evening before my surgery was scheduled. She told me where to exactly meet the van that would take me across the border and all of that worked very well. It was very well orchestrated and I felt like, I was comfortable with what was going to happen next every step of the way.

Feedback about my Hospital & Doctor: I have told a lot of people when they have asked that the whole experience was like of camp for grownups. I felt that the medical staff was very professional. I felt like I was in good hands every step of the way. I felt like they were highly competent. They knew exactly what were they were doing and they did their best to communicate every step of the way what to expect. And I mean I had a marvelous experience and I felt good immediately after surgery.

I had surgery at about 12:30 on Tuesday and by midnight that night I didn’t need any pain medication. They took good care of me and you know I have told a lot of people that the biggest thing in having a positive experience I think is to be open to things that would be different than things at home. If you expect things to be exactly like they are at your super hospital where you came from, you might be disappointed and I went anticipating that things would be different.

But one thing that was different was the level of attention and care which you just don’t get in the typical American hospital. So, I was well taken care of. My sister was with me and she was able to stay at the hospital with me for the first night and I was only there one night. Then we went to the recovery house. They took care of her as well as me. The staff was conscientious and attentive and made every effort to make sure that my recovery was without complications.”