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LAP-BAND in Jordan – Who Should Consider It

This video shows a noted bariatric surgeon from Amman, Jordan speaking about laparoscopic gastric banding and associated safety measures. Apart from Jordan, low-cost gastric banding facilities are available in Mexico also.

Following is the video narration:

“Now, the band needs a very committed patient because that really establish good result, or the patient cannot get great result with the band, if he or she is not committed. I need full commitment, diet-wise and exercise-wise. I need really very committed patient. I tend to also have the condition of having the patient around me since the band tends to have more chronic complications as opposed to the other procedures.

Definitely slippage, erosion, problems with the motility of the oesophagus, the need for adjustments, the access to medical care, so one major condition is that patient’s access to me should be very easy. That’s why I tend to discourage patients who are living abroad from having the band just because of this reason.”

In a related video, this bariatric surgeon from Jordan helps you choose gastric bypass procedure by discussing different patient profiles. A weight loss surgery in Jordan doesn’t require leap of faith. Jordan regularly hosts medical tourism summits of international appeal in its mystical landscape.

Moreover, it is a destination of choice to patients from Middle East and Europe since Jordan not only has excellent infrastructure but it’s the tourism it’s famous for.

Bariatric Surgery World offers affordable weight loss surgeries in the topmost hospitals across various countries in the world. It’s weight loss network hospitals are in countries like India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jordan, and Belgium.
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