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Weight Loss Surgery in Belgium

Medical tourism in Belgium is booming as more and more people are heading to this country for affordable yet high-quality healthcare procedures.  Weight loss surgery in Belgium is one of the reasons why the country is becoming one of the leading medical tourism destinations in Europe. Be it getting a lap band or a gastric sleeve, Belgium offers a lot of options to those ready to go under the surgeon’s knife to say goodbye to flab.

Belgium has joined the league of the popular medical tourism destinations in the world. The recent years have seen a surge in the number of foreign nationals thronging this picturesque country for variegated medical treatments, including obesity surgeries, dentistry, heart surgery, and kidney replacement. Its strategic location in Europe has added to its appeal as a healthcare destination among the Europeans.

Obesity has assumed gargantuan proportions all over the world. With the number of obese people touted to reach a shocking 700 million by 2012 as per a WHO report, it is imperative to look into ways of combating this hideous menace before it takes more lives into its clutches.

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Advantages of Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery in Belgium

With the advent of sedentary lifestyles and increased consumption of fast foods, obesity related deaths are on the rise worldwide. As per a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there are nearly 0.4 million obesity related deaths in the European Union alone. Britain has earned itself the sobriquet of “the Fat Capital of Europe”. Also, bariatric surgeries have garnered a lot of attention all over the world. There are a number of upsides of undergoing obesity surgery in Belgium.

Low Cost WLS in Belgium

More and more people are opting for weight loss surgeries all over the globe for curbing obesity. However, high costs of bariatric surgeries can be a dampener for some. Obesity surgeries such as lap band in Belgium can help in saving a lot of money as cost of weight loss surgery in Belgium is very affordable. In fact, obesity surgery prices in Belgium are a pittance when compared to what they can cost in countries such as the UK and the US.

Often weight loss surgeries are not included in the list of medical treatments covered by insurance companies. For people with no insurance, it will be prudent to undergo bariatric surgeries in Belgium. Weight loss surgery loans are also an option open to people sceptical about burning a huge hole in their pockets.

As Belgium is located strategically in Europe, medical tourists especially from the neighbouring countries such as France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands can save on travelling expenses.

Quality Medical Treatments in Belgium

Low cost of obesity surgery in Belgium, however, is not synonymous to low quality. Hospitals in Belgium strive to meet the highest quality of standards in their various medical services on a global level. Various surgical weight loss procedures like gastric bypass, lap band and gastric sleeve in Belgium are offered by expert Belgian doctors at the most pocket friendly prices.

No Waiting Time

The main grouse of healthcare seekers in countries such as the UK is that they have to wait a lot. The waiting period in the NHS hospitals in the UK can run into months. Nevertheless, if you choose to undergo a bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass surgery in Belgium not only are you saving a lot of money, but also time.  This means you do not have to go through a long a waiting time before you get to go through the actual procedure.

Hospitals in Belgium

Belgium is emerging as one of the favourite medical tourism destination for people from different European countries, as hospitals in Belgium are capable of matching the highest standards when it comes to hygiene maintenance. Belgian hospitals make use of the most modern technology.

In the recent listings made by the World Markets Research Centre, Belgium was placed on top of other 175 countries on achieving the best ratings on medical service field.  Along with that, Belgium has a well-built medical infrastructure consisting of both private and government hospitals with state of the art facilities.

Doctors in Belgium

Belgium has well-trained doctors across the country.  The high level of expertise of the Belgian doctors is an advantage for patients, as they feel secure while being treated by them.  Along with that, healthcare system in Belgium allows these doctors to remain up-to-date about latest medical developments.

The best part about the bariatric surgeons in Belgium is that most of them speak English, eliminating the lingual hindrance which people from different countries can face in a foreign land.

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Vacationing in Belgium

A medical trip to undergo weight loss surgery in Belgium gives patients the opportunity to double up the trip for vacationing. Belgium is known for its rococo architecture and is a paradise for the connoisseurs of art. Right from savouring the scenic splendour of the gothic architecture of Notre Dame de la Chapel in Brussels to hiking in the flatlands in Flanders, Belgium has a lot to offer to those bitten by the travel bug. The relaxing environment of Belgium can help in speedy recovery, post weight loss surgery.

Travelling to Belgium

Travelling to Belgium is fast and easy.  You can fly to any part of Europe and just take the speedy Euro star to bring you to Belgium.  Accommodations in Belgium are easily available at very reasonable rates and can be booked through organizations.  In addition to this, a modern motorway system, along with fast and efficient railways, makes it quite comfortable to travel around the country, where, in fact, no place is more than a couple of hours away.

About Belgium

Belgium is a secular country providing freedom of religion to every individual.  Apart from this, Belgium has a stable economy along with diversified commercial and industrial base.  The country boasts of equal distribution of income.

Belgium is famous for its chocolates in the world.  Various brands with different flavours are sold here.  In addition to this, Belgium is known for its cuisine and restaurants across the world.

Belgium is a great country to visit for both tourism as well as medical purposes.  Weight loss surgery in Belgium is drawing hordes of medical tourists from all parts of Europe coming for affordable surgical procedure, along with world-class medical facilities. You want to live your fantasies of having an enviable body, all you need to do is get in touch with Bariatric Surgery World.