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Weight Loss Surgery in Jordan

Jordan, a small country right in the Middle Eastern part of the world, has been one of the most in demand destinations for medical tourism.  Every year, the country welcomes numerous foreign medical travelers who are in search of high quality and affordable medical treatments and other healthcare services. For many, weight loss surgery in Jordan could be an inexpensive way to get back to the fit body they have always dreamed of having.


Why Opt for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Jordan

Apart from being a known as an exotic country filled with beautiful tourist attractions, Jordan technologically advanced and healthcare standards here rival the best in the world. Obesity surgery in Jordan, among other medical procedures, is largely sought by tourists seeking affordable options for surgical weight loss. The country is the top option for medical tourism in the Middle East region.

Jordan Bridge in Poznan  Petra - Jordan

Main highlights of Weight-loss surgery in Jordan

  • Hospitals are well equipped with advanced technology along with a strong medical infrastructure.
  • Surgeons in hospitals of Jordan are mostly affiliated to reputed world health care societies and other international hospitals.
  • It has wide network of doctors who are highly qualified and have brilliant record of successful cases of weight loss surgery.
  • The health system performance indicators in Jordan represent a more advance system.
  • Paramedical staff in most hospitals in Jordan is board certified and delivers satisfactory services.
  • Neat and hygienic environment for patients
  • Many hospitals offer extra facilities like the availability of translators and private chefs.

Hospitals in Jordan

Bariatric surgery in Jordan is preferred by most due to the wide range of hospital networks  equipped with the latest technologies.  Majority of the staff in various healthcare facilities is capable of speaking more than just their local language, which makes it easy for them to accommodate foreign patients, from English-speaking as well as non-English speaking countries.

 Tourist in  Jordan Aqaba Port - Jordan

Cost of Obesity Surgery in Jordan

Cost of surgical treatment in Jordan can be as low as 25% of the cost of same surgeries in US.  Usually it is 10% of the cost in US in several cases.  Low cost does not compromise with the quality of medical service, as the quality of healthcare is at par with that in United States.

Doctors in Jordan

Qualification along with high expertise of the surgeons and doctors followed by specialties & subspecialties are the main reasons of growth of medical tourism industry in Jordan.

Jordan Tourism

Aside from experiencing affordable and high-end weight loss surgery in Jordan, you can also enjoy the rest of your visit catching the opportunity to swim in the Dead Sea or taking a closer look at the famous world heritage site, Petra. Tourists can also go hiking at the trails of the Dana Nature Reserve or may catch a top view of the beautiful place as they take a hot air balloon ride. Jordan has a lot to offer to medical tourists, other than dependable and affordable medical services.