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Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

It cannot be denied that numerous individuals today choose to travel outside their own country just to avoid the high medical costs and settle instead to have weight loss surgery in Mexico.  Mexico has been one of the most famous destinations for this kind of surgery since it costs significantly less than the price offered in the US.

For those who do not have their own health insurance plan, undergoing a bariatric surgery, such as gastric sleeve, in Mexico can be an ideal option. Weight surgery in Mexico, because of their affordability, can be a blessing for people running on tight budgets, but keen on curbing obesity.

You can listen to a patient’s experience after gastric bypass surgery in Mexico.

Cost of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Even after taking into account all the expenses related to the testing, appointments meant for follow up, pre and post operation procedures, fills, adjustments, and of course your travel expenses in Mexico, weight loss surgery costs in Mexico will still come out to be only a fraction of what the procedures alone cost in Canada, the UK, and other North American and West European countries.
Many surgeons, who offer bariatric surgeries in Mexico, present their services in affordable packages. The most common type of all inclusive Mexico bariatric surgery includes

  • Your roundtrip ticket.
  • Transfers to the hotel and hospital.
  • Various lab tests.
  • The actual cost of the surgery.
  • Fees of the surgeon
  • Expenses in the hospital.
  • Other travel arrangements.

Medical loans can also be availed for undergoing obesity surgeries in Mexico.

Quality Healthcare Services in Mexico

Despite being relatively easy on the pocket, weight loss surgeries in Mexico are of quality at par with that of any of the first world countries. As per a survey of American patients who had undergone medical treatments in Mexico, conducted by Belden and Russonello, Washington, nearly ninety percent of them agreed that they had received from “good to excellent healthcare in Mexico”.

Hospitals in Mexico

Mexican hospitals provide safe and affordable health-care alternatives to scores of western tourists, especially those from the US, who cannot afford healthcare in their own country.

There are both public and private hospitals in Mexico.  Most of the private hospitals in Mexico are internationally accredited by the JCI and the ISO, because of which a number of international patients coming for treatment feel safe to visit these hospitals. International accreditation makes it imperative to inculcate stringent quality and safety standards in the hospitals.

Many of these private Mexican hospitals have English speaking doctors & medical staff to create a supporting environment and eliminate language differences.

Some of the weight loss surgeries offered in Mexican cities are as follows:

Highly Experienced Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico

The low cost of the bariatric surgery in Mexico should not be the only reason why it is worth it to travel to this North American country. It is also important for you to know the procedures here are done by surgeons who are highly experienced.

The reputation and credentials of these doctors and other medical staff in the area are another pull for international patients. In fact, weight loss surgeons in Mexico are known to be having more experience than the bariatric surgeons of the US.

Extending a Medical Trip to Vacationing in Mexico

Due to the diverse climatic conditions resulting in abundance of natural resources and a historic tradition of more than 3,000 years contributing to the cultural heritage of the country, Mexico is considered an ideal destination for international tourists.

Whether one comes to explore the archaeological treasures, wander through the colonial cities, or simply relax on the beautiful beaches, one will take home magical memories of the city. Opting for weight loss surgery in Mexico gives patients the opportunity to combine shedding weight with enjoying the scenic beauty of this culturally rich country.

Medical Tourism in Mexico – Some Tips

It will always be in the interest of the medical tourists to bear the following points in mind while travelling in Mexico.

  • Patient’s safety in any surgical procedure should never be taken lightly. Before taking the plunge, it should be your responsibility to take the time in choosing the right surgeon to do the procedure for you.
  • Do your bit of homework on researching about the procedure you wish to undergo and the hospitals offering it in Mexico. Go through patient’s testimonials and recommendations to form an opinion.
  • Have all of your crucial documents such as passport, visa, identity proof, and your medical records in place before hand.
  • Use authorized taxi services and avoid venturing out late night in Mexico.
  • Avoid eating street-food and drink only packaged water.
  • Engage the services of a medical tourism agency as these agencies do all the necessary arrangements for travelling within Mexico and help the patients connect with the bariatric surgeons and hospitals.

Who said that losing weight can be a tiring and cumbersome task? Curbing obesity can be a fun experience and that too without emptying the coffers, thanks to affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico.