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Weight Loss Surgery Mexico Reviews

Mexico is often touted as the closest destination to the United States which provides economical options for bariatric surgery. We, at Bariatric Surgery World, work with the leading hospitals and clinics of Mexico to facilitate weight loss surgical procedures such as lap band, gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Guadalajara, Ciudad Juarez and Mexicali.

With our constant endeavor to provide the best of healthcare for only a fraction of the costs charged in the United States, we have built on a strong base of happy and satisfied customers. Here is a compilation of some of the medical tourists who chose us to facilitate their weight loss journey. We have picked up snippets from their bariatric surgery Mexico reviews.

A Californian Shares Her Gastric Sleeve Experience in Tijuana

Gastric Sleeve ReviewerPamela Thompson from Riverside California got her gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana facilitated by us. This is the feedback she gave us on her weight loss surgery experience:


“I had lots of questions, I would back and forth the emails and everybody was just great.”

Hospital and Staff

“Everybody there was great to me.”

Overall Experience

“I couldn’t recommend it more.”

Click here to watch her review her surgery.

A Texan Reviews Sleeve Gastrectomy in Guadalajara

Danice from Texas got a new leaDanice - Gastric Sleevese on life by choosing to have her gastric sleeve surgery in Guadalajara.

A partial diabetic and a former arthritic, Danice had been intermittently gaining and losing weight and tried everything from popping pills to following fad diets. This is what she had to say in her review of sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico:


“In Texas it’s about $12,000 versus $4,500 here.”


“I am satisfied…Picked us up from the airport…He was nice…We came straight here from the border and it was no problems.”

What others had to say to her?

“I have talked to other people before the surgery who have already been here and what they said was encouraging so when I….I wasn’t shocked”

Her overall experience

“Everybody has been nice… polite…It’s clean…”

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico Reviewed by a Dallas Resident

Darlin Pitts from Dallas, TexasDarlin Pitts is a licensed professional counselor working at Auckland Hospital. She chose Bariatric Surgery World to facilitate her lap band surgery in Mexico. Here is an excerpt from her testimonial on lap banding in Mexico:

On communication

“I was also nervous about going to foreign country that I didn’t speak the language, so when I got there, I was put in touch with someone who did speak the language pretty well and he kind of helped me through the whole process.”

On the doctor

“Doctor was very very good…He was very pleasant, he was very supportive, very encouraging and did a lot of talking to you afterwards…”

About the hospital

“Was very calm, very tranquil… It’s not that hostile, quite sterile environment you think of here in United States. It was very clean…”

About the hospital room

“The rooms were very clean. They had everything they need and the service was really good. I pushed the button there were people there immediately to help me.”

Her weight loss progress

“It’s been about 6 months and I have lost 67 pounds and I very easily found a physician here that does the fills…”

An American’s Feedback on WLS in Tijuana

Susan Spencer from Dallas, Texas had this to say in her weight loss surgery review of Mexico:Susan Spencer

On communication: “The emails that I received were very thorough and very articulated and told me what exactly I needed to do to prepare and exactly what I needed to do at every step of preparation.”

On the hospital: “I felt that the medical staff was very professional. I felt like I was in good hands every step of the way. I felt like they were highly competent. They knew exactly what they were doing…The staff was conscientious and attentive and made every effort to make sure that my recovery was without complications.”

On ground transportation: “I was picked up from the airport, I was driven everywhere I wanted to go…”

On her overall experience: “I was just thrilled that I had the opportunity to make this huge change in my life without having that additional financial burden for 5 to 6 years in the future… I had a marvelous experience and I felt good immediately after surgery…”

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