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Weight Loss Surgery Tijuana

Tijuana - MexicoFor people from the US and Canada diagnosed with obesity, weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is an attractive consideration.

After a short drive past the US-Mexico border, you get access to Tijuana surgeons with many years experience in bariatric surgery, not to mention quality medical facilities, compassionate aftercare and a chance for a holiday.

The different types of obesity surgeries, you can ask for, in Tijuana are:

  • Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y)
  • Gastric Band (Lap Band)
  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication (Gastric Plication)
  • Duodenal Switch

The cost factor is undoubtedly the major reason why people choose obesity surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Patients who undergo weight loss surgeries such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and lap band in Tijuana can pocket substantial savings compared to similar procedures done in the United States, depending on the hospital, surgeon and bariatric package.

Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

  • According to the National Institutes of Health publication No. 08-4006 in 2009, bariatric surgery is an option for adults suffering severe obesity.
  • If you plan to have bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery in Tijuana is a viable alternative if you do not wish your procedure to cost you a pretty penny.
  • Patients who seek bariatric surgery usually have a BMI over 40, or BMI over 35 with co-morbid conditions of diabetes or heart disease.
  • You qualify for lap band surgery, if you have a BMI over 30.
  • If you have previously spent funds on weight loss measures that have not removed excess body fat, the option of bariatric surgery in Tijuana is open to you to tackle obesity.
  • Talk to a doctor who knows your personal and family medical history as (s)he may advise you on the viability of weight loss surgery in your case.

Why Get Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico?

Weight loss surgery in Tijuana-wMexico is a major medical tourism destination and obesity surgery in Tijuana is quite popular. Here are some of the major highlights of undergoing weight surgery in Tijuana –

  • Just 2.4 miles from the border, thousands of US citizens have found weight loss solutions in Tijuana, where surgeons are well qualified, highly experienced and up-to-date with the latest advancements in bariatric science.
  • Another upside to opting for WLS in Tijuana, MX is that this border town in Baja California is home to numerous medical facilities and hospitals which meet or exceed international quality standards and certifications.
  • For a fraction of the price, you can access possibly a higher grade of rehabilitation care after your surgery as compared to a hospital stay in an American facility. So you know that your cheap weight loss surgery in Tijuana will not tantamount to cutting corners on quality if you happen to choose one of the city’s leading hospitals for your obesity procedure.
  • You won’t face much of a culture shock when in Tijuana, thanks to its nearness to the States.

Tips for People Seeking Obesity Surgery in Tijuana

  • It is important to have a valid passport and to check with your local Mexican consulate on requirements prior to travel.
  • Read about lap band, gastric bypass surgery and duodenal switch surgery in Tijuana to get more information to prepare.
  • Be prepared for follow-up treatments; as weight loss effects from bariatric surgery become visible, you may return for cosmetic plastic surgery in Tijuana to lift the thighs, arms and buttocks. Tijuana is also a leading cosmetic surgery destination.
  • You may choose to explore Tijuana before or after your bariatric surgery. Popular Tijuana sites include Avenida Revolución shops and the bullfight arena at Playas de Tijuana.
  • Although generally safe, medical tourists to Tijuana are advised to avoid red-light districts and not to buy dubious merchandise.
  • Get in touch with Bariatric Surgery World for a free estimate on bariatric surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding, and Roux-en-Y and mini gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana.

Thanks to the rise of medical tourism in Mexico bariatric surgery is increasingly being sought by people who cannot afford the procedure in their home country. Being in proximity to San Diego, USA, Tijuana has become a magnet for American patients who wish to combat obesity by going under the surgeon’s scalpel.

For people in the US and Canada who would like to undergo obesity surgery but may not have adequate funds, weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico provides a close-to-home option. You don’t have to travel far to be treated by experienced doctors and have quality healthcare, while the ideal weather helps you relax in a short holiday.

Bariatric Surgery World facilitates affordable weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. For more information, submit the estimate–request form on the right.