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Why We had Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

This video shows why people from different parts of the globe chose Mexico for weight loss surgery. A prime reason for that is the huge cost savings vis-à-vis having bariatric surgery in a country like the USA, Canada or the UK.

With weight loss surgery like gastric sleeve in Tijuana beginning from $3,995, one can easily save 60%-70% of the US prices. Concomitant with this is the lower cost of living in Mexico in general which means one also pays lower for food, accommodation and in-country transportation.

In addition to low costs, Mexico offers quality surgical care at top notch hospitals matching the level of care given in neighboring United States. Many of the Mexican bariatric surgeons have undergone training in the United States, are English-speaking, and are sensitive to the needs of North American medical tourists.

Geographical proximity is another factor in favor of Mexico. Many North American medical tourists benefit from the reduced travel time and expenses. Cities like Tijuana and Mexicali are right across the US-Mexico border. The ease of entering Mexico by land makes it a preferred destination for Americans.